Pro-Sisi Egyptian Trolls Target Turkish President Erdoğan


Troll wars are getting steamier on social media.

The Turkish government is famous for its troll army called “AK-trolls”. AK-trolls are very active on facebook and twitter and are highly skilled at disinformation and manipulation. Check out our article Troll Wars on Social Media and the Case of Turkey for more information on AK-trolls.

Now Egyptian pro-Sisi trolls have taken the stage. Pro-Sisi trolls initiated an attack on Turkish President Erdoğan’s official facebook page and spammed it with posts in support of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. There are currently tens of thousands of comments on all of the page’s posts consisting of copy paste text blocks that say “viva Sisi viva Egypt”.

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Erdoğan and Sisi have been in conflict since the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi. Erdoğan is a major supporter of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Ever since the overthrow of President Morsi in the summer of 2013 and the jailing of tens of thousands of MB members that followed, Erdoğan’s criticisms of Sisi have grown exponentially. These are two political figures that have harshly criticized each other at every opportunity.

Yesterday, Erdoğan refused to attend a lunch hosted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon after he learned that he and Sisi were assigned to sit at the same table. Perhaps, this spam attack was organized because of this. Troll armies have been deeply involved in this conflict. Let’s see how AK-trolls will respond to the spam attack.

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