Powerful Demonstration Against Construction of a Hotel On La Tejita Beach in Tenerife


Original Photo: Cristina Alemany

On Saturday, more than 1000 people demonstrated against the construction of a 5 star hotel on La Tejita beach in Tenerife. Local authorities of Granadilla de Abona are considering legislation that would allow a 26,000 square meter hotel to be built near the natural reserve.

The protestors marched under the slogan “Save La Tejita” in the Capital of the Canary island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In a statement, activists condemned the construction plans saying that the project is “an environmental attack” against a natural reserve with a unique habitat on Tenerife.

Pic by Twitter account @BenMagecEeA

Pic by Twitter account @BenMagecEeA

La Tejita beach is located in the “Special Reserve of the Montaña Roja,” in the southern part of Tenerife. The area is the home of several protected species, for instance the kentish plover.

The demonstration was part of a campaign to stop the construction plans. The coalition, “Save La Tejita,” has already collected almost 100,000 signatures (You can sign here) against the project, and a delegation travelled to Brussels to discuss the subject with members of the petition committee from the EU parliament. Activists also contacted the Canarian government to stop the project.

latejitabanner2Similar campaigns already stopped similar construction plans on the Balear islands in Spain. The “Save La Tejita” coalition also critised the bad urban planning in many tourist areas at Tenerife. Some of the tourist areas are totally overcrowded and ruined the landscape. La Tejita beach is one of the last unspoiled beaches at Tenerife, and people fight to save these last natural reserves for the concrete jungle.

Yesterdays demonstration to save La Tejita beach was supported by environmental groups such as ATAN, Ben Magec-Ecologists in Action or Ecoocéanos, various other platforms, autonomous groups and political parties like the leftwing party Izquierda Unida Canaria, and Podemos Tenerife.

You can follow the developments of the “Save La Tejita campaign at Twitter under Hashtag  and on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/Salvar-La-Tejita-1564605123829679/

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