Popular March for Reforms in Sao Paulo, Brazil Draws 15,000


Thousands of activists gathered today in São Paulo in another march for more rights and against the Right. The Red Forró [a type of dance], at the Gardens, left its message: the people are on the streets, ready to face any attempts to push back [against popular struggle], wherever they may come from.

“We also want to talk about an intervention that will change the course of the country, but it’s not a military one, it’s a popular intervention”, said Guilherme Boulos from the MTST (Movement of the Roofless Workers), making a counterpoint with what was said two weeks ago at an extreme right-wing protest.

The popular participation was the main item on the agenda. The popular reforms in politics, through the Constitutional Referendum, of urban, agrarian and tax reform along with media democratization. “We won’t accept the abandonment of these changes from the President. She was elected to enact them and we will collect them, in the streets, in our own manner, with mobilization, with occupation”, underlined Boulos.

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