Poplave 2014: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia


We will be updating this blog with links, resources and verified accounts for donations to help people affected by flooding in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. Please contact us via facebook or twitter to add information.

Three countries in the Balkans are now affected by catastrophic flooding. Banks along the Sava river broke overnight on the border of Croatia and Serbia and have caused flooding in Croatia now as well.

Updates can be followed on twitter for all three countries under the following hashtags:

#poplave   #poplave2014   #poplavers  #PoplaveRS  #BosniaFloods   #BiH   #CroatiaFloods   #SerbiaFloods  #RMZO

Items Needed (all countries):

  • boats
  • bottled water
  • food (canned & baby foods)
  • radios
  • batteries
  • medicine (antiseptics, anti-diarrhea tablets, paracetamol)
  • disinfectants
  • blankets
  • clothes
  • shovels
  • flashlights & candles
  • hygiene products (soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes/toothpaste)
  • rubber boots
  • water pumps


Worst affected areas:
Bosnia Zavidovici, near Maglaj, in Doboj in northern cities of Bosnia along the bank of the Sava River – Biljeljina, Bosanski Šamac. Village of Željezno Polje near Živinice in central Bosnia has been effectively deleted from the map by massive landslides. Similar catastrophes happened in village of Paraći, near Kalesija in northwest Bosnia, which has been almost completely destroyed by a landslide.

Bosnia-Croatia border, border crossings checkpoints been closed due to flooding, at Bosanski Šamac , Orašje, Brčko, Rača i Pavlovića bridge.

Most cities in northern Bosnia have been without electricity for 24 hours and are being evacuated.

Complete report on Bosnia as of 18 May 2014 15:30 click here.

Websites Providing Aid:
Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina CLICK HERE (choose language at bottom of page)
Caritas of Bosnia and Herzegovina CLICK HERE

Facebook pages from Bosnia:
Caritas BK BiH
Mapa poplava BiH
Plenum Građana ZE-DO Kantona

Sites to drop off donations in Bosnia:
Faculty of Philosophy – 1-:00 – 16:00 every day
Center for the Promotion of Civil Society – Gradačačka bb , near Malaysian bridge (every day except Sunday, during the period 9-15 hours) 
Rooms FK Sarajevo (club room )
Caritas BK BiH ul Mehmed Beg Kapetanovića Ljubusaka 6 , 10-18 and 24/7 contact 063690456
Shatro Caffee
Bushido Karate Club
Faculty of Islamic Studies
Veterinary Medicine
Pomozi.ba (Aziz Šaćirbegović 48, near the robot Hrasno and Azići 12, Ilidza)


Worst affected areas:
Bosnia-Croatia border, border crossings checkpoints been closed due to flooding, at Bosanski Šamac , Orašje, Brčko, Rača i Pavlovića bridge


Sites to drop off donations in Croatia:
Croatian Red Cross, Zagreb – Red Cross Street 16, between 8:00 – 20:00

Phone Numbers to contact people in flooded areas (via Croatian Red Cross):


Worst affected areas:
Šabac and Obrenovac – Obrenovac, municipalities of Ub, Krupanj, Svilajnac and Paraćin (Paracin is completely under water).

Phone numbers for missing persons via Operational Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia:

May 18 – 21:30 there will be free buses from Budva, Montenegro to Serbia for those who wish to volunteer in relief efforts. Please contact: 068/469-810

Twitter account for updates in Serbia:
Crveni krst Beograda

Phone Numbers to Report Missing Persons in Serbia (via Red Cross of Serbia):
011 2623 970
011 3032 127 – ext 227 and 108

Free Internet & WIFI:
ViP Mobile and MTS Serbia (2 of 3 telecom providers in Serbia) have activated free internet for mobile phones for access to facebook and twitter until the state of emergency has been lifted. Also many people in affected areas of Serbia have unlocked their wifi for solidarity with refugees.

The Serbian government has opened accounts specifically for aid to flooded areas:
Account in RSD: 840-3546721-89
Foreign currency account: 01-504619-100193230-000000-0000

More images, videos and information in our first article here. 

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