Police repression of protest in Vitória, Brazil. 7/4 #ChangeBrazil

On the "Third Bridge" in Vitória, where the conflict started. 7/4

On the “Third Bridge” in Vitória, where the conflict started. 7/4

A first hand account of last nights events was reported to Revolution News by a protester who was on the bridge with his girlfriend taking part in the protest march.

The Terceira Ponte Bridge is the main connection with Vitória and Vila Velha, and was the site for the protest march, because it is where people have paid tolls to cross for more than 20 years.

Yesterday the protest started in Vitória and Vila Velha, people from Vitória were marching by the city until they got to the Bridge and people from Vila Velha were coming from the opposite direction to the Bridge to Vitória, and both marches joined together.

People stayed there singing and screaming many things until a small group wanted to start venting anger and destroying the toll booths.

A few minutes after they started, the police/BME cut the public lights on the bridge and started to “rain tear gas” on the crowd and shooting at people with rubber bullets.

When the police started to repress the protest our contact and his girlfriend were targeted for his use of a mask to hide his identity. One policeman ran in their direction screaming with a Baton raised: “get out of here masked”. They were then surrounded by police and removed the mask. 
A couple of people were nearby recording video of the people who were detained which limited the actions of the police, though one man from the group that was surrounded and checked, was put in arm locks and tortured by the police, for what it appeared to be, being black with dreads. He didn’t try to resist, he was laying in the grass screaming for them to stop.
Many were arrested and released after the Brazilian Advocacy Organization came to represent them.

Scenes from the initial tear gas attack at people on the bridge.

Video from the end of the toll bridge.

Next Video is later in the evening.
When military police deal with protesters at a gas station after the attack of BME on the third bridge to disperse the protest.

As the pictures show, one of the members of the research group Labic. Ufes and Ninja developer have camera’s, which are public equipment. UFES camera was retained by the police that then scour and erased some of the final scenes.

Shortly after, another researcher (who accompanied and made part of these images) was attacked, knocked down on the floor and had their video equipment seized. Luckily most of the files were recovered.




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