Police Open Fire Killing 14-year old Umit Kurt in Cizre, Turkey


14 year old Umit Kurt was killed when police opened fire from an armoured police vehicle entering the Cudi neighbourhood of Cizre District, Şırnak.

F 14-year-old Ümit Kurt was shot and killed by police


Fıratnews – Police teams entered the Nur and Cudi neighborhood in Cizre district of Şırnak yesterday after the municipality enabled the closure of the ditches dug by demonstrators. The ditches were dug by protesters to hinder the arbitrary move of security forces and dawn (arrest) operations in houses in the wake of the most recent incidents which had left 4 people dead.

Regarding the closure of the ditches, a meeting has taken place today between Cizre municipality co-mayor and the newly appointed police chief Ercan Demir, who is a suspect in the case of the murdered Armenian journalist Hrant Dink. Ercan Demir was the director of intelligence in Trabzon at the time of Dink’s murder. Following the meeting, the municipality workers were allowed to cover the ditches after the police made a promise that there would be no arbitrary detentions or house raids.

According to the statements of the local residents, police entered the Cudi neighborhood in 10+ armored vehicles soon after the ditches were covered, and started to fire stray bullets, causing the injury of many people. The electricity of the neighborhood was cut moments before their entry.

Human Rights Association Cizre representative Abdulkerim Pusat said that there were no protests to provoke the entry of police into the neighnorhood.

14-year-old Umit Kurt who was an apprentice in shoe-shining and painting works, was wounded in the attack. He was rushed to hospital by local people, but didn’t survive. People have started gathering outside the hospital as tension remains high in the district.

26 yr-old Çelebi Sakak who works at Cizre Organized Industry and Trade Office, was also shot from behind, and is currently hospitalized.



Armored Police vehicles with NO LICENCE PLATES patrol the streets of Cizre

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Ümit is one of many teenegars shot and killed by the police recently in Turkey. These cases never get just trial, or the culprits are never found.

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