Police impose martial law, locking section of Hamburg into “danger zone”


Update: Day 3 of “Dangerzone” Protests in Hamburg, Police Lies Exposed

Police, acting as vigilantes in the face of European conventions, occupied four large parts of Hamburg. They imposed their own ad-hoc law, placing all the people in an area they refer to as the “danger zone” under their strict control. The instatement of the “danger zone” was in retaliation for the last Rote Flora demonstration (which was attacked by them for absurd reasons, such as the police claim that “it started too early”), and it’s purpose is to suppress further demonstrations.

Locals in Hamburg posted signs everywhere, warning people that the “cops are out of control.” Gefahrengebiet or “the danger zone” means that police are absolute and arbitrary masters of the streets they occupied by force. They can stop and frisk anyone dressed in black or anyone who seems “relevant” to their interests. One can assume that means anyone who’s not a cop. Militarized cops imposed circulation restrictions until Sunday at 6 am. People who were detained by police were given a notice and banned from the danger zone until 5 am that morning.


Police obtained legal permission to impose a curfew by conservative politicians a while ago, and they use it to retaliate against people who defend Rote Flora from being evicted in the name of capitalist gentrification policies. Cops claimed that they were attacked at their police station “Davidswache” on December 20th and on December 28th, in separate clashes from the demonstration on December 21st, but a lawyer in Hamburg says there was no second attack at the police station Davidswache on the 28th. He has demanded the videos of the incident from the surveillance cameras.

This “danger zone” is retaliatory, and a way for cops to intimidate people from taking part in any demonstrations to defend Rote Flora. Most likely these human rights violations will only fuel future demonstrations, as people are calling on social media websites for actions of self-defense against the police state.

Many locals who live in the area showed solidarity with the people being harassed by cops. One man said: “Now things will really escalate because people will not take this police state thing much longer.” The rage people feel against the cops seems to be best expressed in sarcastic notes and photos posted on social media websites.

all cats


Someone sarcastically twitted: “Have fun in the Ghetto” (Viel SpaSS in Ghetto) and somebody else urged the police “to search all rectal cavities,” in bitter sarcasm.

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