Grand Jury Indicts Officer for the Murder of #SamDubose – video


BREAKING UPDATES: Grand Jury decision is a Murder Indictment for officer who killed Sam Dubose. Prosecution to seek life in prison.

Prosecutor: “This is the most asinine act I’ve ever seen a police officer commit.” Described the act as senseless, uncalled for, should have never been a cop, lost his temper and shot him in the head.

Officer was not dragged like he reported but fell backwards after shooting ‪#‎SamDubose‬ in the head. Ray Tensing has turned himself in following the grand jury murder indictment.

The University of Cincinnati campus has been evacuated of students and staff by a heavy police presence.

Full body cam video of UC officer Ray Tensing Murdering Sam Dubose. GRAPHIC WARNING  To clarify Sam Dubose is shot and killed before the car begins to accelerate, due to him slumping forward when he was killed.


(Original report) Sam Dubose ended up dead with his face blown off after a routine traffic stop by a University of Cincinnati Police Officer. Officer Ray Tensing was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting and recorded the incident. Those that have seen the video footage and made comments about it seem deeply disturbed, including the citywide police chief.

Sam Dubose was pulled over about a mile from the Ohio campus for driving without a front license plate. Dubose was pronounced dead at the scene. The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office has stated that they plan to release the body cam footage from the incident, but they could not confirm when.

Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell said he’s seen the unreleased footage from a University of Cincinnati officer’s body camera during last week’s fatal shooting and “it’s not good.”

“The video is not good,” Blackwell said. “I think the city manager has said that also publicly. I’ll leave it there.”

City Manager Harry Black also spoke about the unreleased body camera video of the shooting. “It’s not a good situation,” Black said. “It’s a tragic situation, someone has died that did not necessarily need to die.”

In 2001, after local police killed a man named Timothy Thomas, unrest broke out across the city. The pastor who will conduct funeral services Tuesday said Dubose’s family hoped to avoid the unrest that followed the fatal police shooting of an unarmed 19-year-old black man in 2001.

“To quote the family, ‘We don’t want another Timothy Thomas situation,’” said Pastor Ennis Tait, of the Church of the Living God. “They’ve said that and that’s their heart. They don’t want the city to be turned upside down and that issue to be attached to their brother’s life.”

The Police Chief is already calling for peace….

“We’re concerned clearly. We’re concerned about what could happen in our city. We’re hopeful that the people of this great city are reminded that we do things right and that even when an officer may have done something inappropriate that it will be dealt with in an appropriate fashion,” Blackwell said.

Multiple media outlets have sued Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters to force the release of body cam video of the incident recorded by Tensing — but the prosecutor flatly stated that he would not do so without a court order until he has presented the case to a grand jury, which could happen this week.

“Unless I’m ordered to by the Ohio Supreme Court, and I doubt I will be, they’re not going to get it,” Deters said.

In a statement released July 27, University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono said that administrators had met with members of the City Manager’s Advisory Board “to hear their thoughts and perspectives about how best to move forward together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.” After meeting with community leaders over the past week, Ono announced that that the university plans to hire an independent external reviewer to look into “UC Police Department policies, procedures, and practices.” They will also launch a community advisory panel in light of the shooting.

“These are important steps to create an enhanced environment of openness and healing.”

Update from Wednesday afternoon: The email students and employees received about the closing of campus.

Video report posted online by local media outlet WLWT

For background on the Cincinnati riots of 2001 over the police shooting of unarmed 19yr old Timothy Thomas

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