Police Attack Ohlauer Refugees To End Standoff In Violence; Earlier Beat Pupils At Solidarity Demo – Live blog


Updates July 3: 

Via : Refugees demand a solution (papers) until Saturday. If not they will reoccupy . (Oranien square)

Solidarity demo for #Ohlauer & other refugees in #Wuppertal#Germanytonight. “You can’t evict a movement! via EIE

Photo: Solidarity demo for #Ohlauer & other refugees in #Wuppertal, #Germany tonight. "You can't evict a movement! "

 Via : “Human Rights Are Fucking Human Rights.” 20:58

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 — Freedom of residence for everyone! Call for protest march saturday 2 pm Hermannplatz in english:
The protesting refugees from the Hauptmann-school at Ohlauer Straße are part of a political movement with a distinct cause. The so called “Residenzpflicht”, a German law that denies freedom of movement to asylum seekers, the German authorities´ systematic rejection of their reasons to flee and migrate to Europe, the internment in isolated camps – all this makes a refugee´s life in Germany a misery. The refugees, often traumatized by the situation in their home countries, often have to suffer from this condition for years, in some cases more than a decade. Both the occupation of the former Hauptmann-school in 2012 and the protest-camp at Kreuzberg´s Oranienplatz shortly before were no ends in themselves. The political cause was to create a space, where refugees could articulate and promote their demands for a humane treatment by the German authorities.

The Government of the City of Berlin, the Senat, has broke promises that were made when the refugees´ protest camp at Oranienplatz was evicted in April 2014. It was promised by the Senatthat the refugees claims for political asylum from the camp would be examined case by case, and that during this time every asylum-seeking refugee would get a temporary residence permnt (a so called “Duldung“) for six months. In addition, the refugees were promised access to the labor market and to education programs. But none of these promises have been realized and more than ten of the affected refugees got instead an official notification that they will be deported in the near future.

The people in the school have learned their lessons from Oranienplatz. They do not trust the offers made by the Senat or the local government of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. They know: if they agree on a “voluntary relocation” their future will be individualization, isolation and deportation.

The conflicts around Oranizenplatz and the occupation of the former Hauptmann-school are symptoms of the brutal regime that we call “Fortress Europe”: an unjust and unequal economic order in which the export-oriented nation of Germany has a major stake which causes conflicts about migration, and these conflicts are “solved” by police measures at the borders of the European Union – and, if necessary also here, in the middle of Berlin.

It’s time to change this asylum policy, on local and regional level. The Berlin City Government, the Senat, could take the first step in changing things. The Senat has the power to end this local conflict and bring a humane solution.

We demand that the Senat actually use its legal powers to grant the protesting refugees a residence permit. § 23 of the German law on asylum says, that for “humanitarian reasons” a state government has the option to grant residence permits to either “groups from specific states” or “otherwise defined groups of persons of foreign nationality”.

We demand that the local government (Bezirksverordnetenversammlung) of the Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg should not ignore the protest and self-organization of the Berlin refugees. Conflicts cannot be “solved” from above with police measures.

We support the demands of the refugees:

  • to get a secure residence permit for all associated refugees from Oranienplatz and from the Gerhart-Hauptmann-school in accord with paragraph 23.

  • the construction of new accommodations for homeless refugees, meaning new group accomodations or a system of decentralized appartments.

  • access to the labor market, to education, healthcare and democratic participation in general.” Read it all, here

 : Gathering at Brandenburger Tor: “Freedom of movement is everybody’s right” p/v :
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Enough is Enough! @enough14 #Ohlauer Cops from #Lüneburg at Spreewaldplatz. Camera police van from #Düsseldorf at #Ohlauer. Still many cops from outside in #Berlin.

 — Ca 250 Leute nach Demo gg Verschärfung der Asylgesetze vor Brandenburger Tor.

“Abolish Dublin: Right to stay where you want!”

 —  activist can arrive now in front of the school, surrounded by .
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 — 250 demonstrate in Berlin to end Fortress Europe. “In demonstrieren gerade ca. 250 Leute gegen die Verschärfung der Asylgesetze.

“Brick by brick,

Wall by wall,

Make Fortress Europe fall!”

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 – Thank you Berlin,speically Xberg, for putting empathy over uncritical passive conformity. Refugees are welcome here.
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 — RT : ’s refugees and the reasons behind the current protests  

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Offices of the green party in city hall were occupied today. p/v  

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Pirate party in the state senate today: “Refugees Welcome” p/v :  

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Enough is Enough! @enough14 Refugees in #Nürnberg, #Germany anounce hunger strike demanding the right to stay (German)

 · Via : Refugees demand a solution (papers) until Saturday. If not they will reoccupy . (Oranien square)

Enough is Enough! @enough14 TR @GoaGoaZwerg 1715 Update The surveillance van belongs to 10. BPH #Wuppertal, parked in front on school entrance #ohlauer @tal_initiativen

Caro Sturzflug @sturzflug pdf of the “Agreement Refugee school” #ohlauer see here http://t.co/Yhxocq2OAi

@OhlauerInfo point has reported that the situation is still unclear for the refugees that did not sign the agreement. No further details have been given since that tweet.

An Ohlauer‬ solidarity rally will start at 18:00 in Wuppertal, Germany today. The starting point is Von der Heydt Platz.


Update July 2:

(00:07 am) – 20 police vans from the state of Hessen just left Ohlauer. People are singing “you can go home now,” a football song which fans sing when the other team lost the game. According to Der Spiegel the police operation at Ohlauer cost 5 million euros. On the stream people are yelling as more cops retreat. Police have begun to remove the ban zone as well, people are moving into it now.

What people are saying on the roof:

More here Some of the refugees have signed an agreement with the state, while others have not (although they all say they support it). The police say they will back off within hours, and begin to remove barricades as soon as tonight. Protestors say they aren’t going anywhere until they hear that it’s ok to leave from the people inside the house, not from negotiators. It’s also been reported that negotiations are still going on, shouts can be heard on the livestream.

UPDATES – 8th day of resistance, police attacking refugees
-> This is a follow-up of the 7 days and nights standoff at Ohlauer, see how it unfolded here.
Updates July 2, 9th day of resistance
via EIE: Ohlauer statement in front of the school. No right to stay, no agreement. They discuss, result open, main demand still unmet.
pic via No Border
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@peaceforsudan: #Ohlauer after long discussion some of the people signed for the agreement
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refugees from the roof  —  nice, I loved 

 — always funny/sad hearing yuppies talk about protests. they never know what’s going on and act like it’s the protester’s fault
– A cop is seen carrying a Hello Kitty baton  
 : “How can you call this police brutality when it is a Hello Kitty baton I am beating you with?” 
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Read here refugees’ statement in English; refugees’ condition to accept discussions was that cops retreat. They have not, on the contrary, there are more cops coming in. Still refugees accepted to discuss with district government and green party officials; while rumors have been spread – probably by politicians – that an agreement has been reached. 

@ peace of sudan messaged that there is NO agreement. “Don’t trust the police”, she said. 

pic via : Photo of the occupied office in Munich. Is abandoned now. “Solidarity with the refugees. No justice, no peace”
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pic via  — The Green party office in , also had visitors. p/v
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It looks however that politicians have taken a decision, and the increased number of  cops deployed suggest it is not in favor of the refugees.
The credible source about what is happening is the refugee account @peaceofsudan; not the politicians. 
more cops local time 18:25
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 18:20 ca. 15 neue Wannen. sieht so die Einigung aus? 15 new police vans arriving. Is this how an agreement looks like?
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 — 18: 17 Around 50 people are demonstrating in solidarity with the refugees in Munich right now. via  
While politicians claim to negotiate on the roof, it seems a decision has been taken. police vans inside the schoolyard: 
 Soeben ist Christian Ströbele erneut zur gekommen. Eine Entscheidung scheint gefallen.  
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 — 18:08 Everything quiet so far atm at . Ströbele and Bayram are on the roof negotioations. Food supplies have arrived. via
More solidarity from people in Berlin: 

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pics via  17:59 People bringing food to the people inside school in . p/v
via  – 17:15 RT “: Now we given interview to the rbb” 
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 —  is brutal everywhere: 500 people evicted in Calais, in German here
Statement of the refugees; they say they are willing to negotiate with state officials only after cops retreat; read here

One of the school kids attacked with pepper spray by police during refugee solidarity demo will not be able to see again with one eye. Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel reports that 3 kids have been hospitalized after cops attacked their solidarity demo. – via  

Video of riot police beating and attacking school kids with pepper spray during their solidarity demo yesterday; they were trying to get to the school carrying banners and chanting “No human is illegal”. 

Police strangling a refugee activist to break a blockade.  
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tl RT : [1424] police still present in the backyard of school. Situation uncertain and tense.
(tl) RT : [1402] News from the roof: police is escalating in courtyard, they try to come inside school
Second person detained at noon is free again, via
local time 13:36 people kettled at Reichenberger/Lausitzer RT : [1336] Reichenberger/Lausitzer Menschen eingekesselt.
Cops have sealed the school from within, journalists who report the standoff are denied access; pic via
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[13:20] One of the people arrested at Wiener/Lausitzer free again. The other one is still in detention. via
Via : [local time 13:02] Another detention at Wiener/Lausitzer. Take care of each other!
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@RayJay187 — wat machen die da ??? dumme Cops #ohlauer #kesselkiez “What to do? stupid cops”

mainstream newspaper from Berlin demands right to stay for Ohlauer refugees, see here in German
local time 12:46 via 1246 willkürliche Festnahme einer Person Wiener/Lausitzer. Lage ansonsten ruhig. //arbitrary arrest of a person Vienna/Lusatian. Location otherwise quiet.

Refugees welcome. Police, out of Kreuzberg!

local time 12:33 Nieders. Cops haben Einfahrt in Lausitzer von Wiener für Polizeifahrzeuge gesichert. Wenige Aktivistinnen hier /// Cops entering Lusatian from Vienna for police vehicles backed up. A few activists here

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pic via Bullen bauen sich Wiener/Lausitzer auf. Unterstützung gebraucht// Cops build up Vienna/Lusatian.

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ARD TV reported yesterday (for the first time) about Ohlauer after other journalists threatened to start a demo in front of ARD headquarters today.
Standoff continues, pic via Enough Is Enough
Photo: Good morning #Ohlauer. Day 9 standoff in #Berlin. Live blog http://bit.ly/VDji0A
pic via good morning people in Kreuzberg we love you
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Demo on Saturday July 5 for refugees, read here in German
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trl: One person, who was arrested this morning, is still in police detention.
At 6 in the morning more police came towards the school, activists tried to stop them to get there. Dozens were injured, police did not let medics get to them. At least one activist was arrested.
local time 7:15 — Medics were trying to help wounded, arrested persons, police did not let them through
local time 6:52 (tl) RT : we are having change of shift atm. That’s why vans are moving. An eviction is not imminent. ^sr
activists slept on the streets to protect the refugees from police, pic via “good morning our fighters from the street, big hugs from the roof”
6:35 pepper / teatgas from behind barriers. vans got thru. cops still harrassing protesters.
6:11 wiener/ : most cop cars vanished. still some at lausitzer/wiener. shift change. there is currently traffic including. buses m29 on wiener. fewer cops. shouting from reiche audible.
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RT @[protected]: SOLIDARITY +keep in mind,it’s bt refugees not bt white party activism. listen to the refugees, its THEIR struggle.
“The Mediterranean will become a mass grave. Gruesome scenes are being played out on Europe’s borders. People drown, die of thirst, suffocating. … Europe is closing its doors, billions of euros are put into programs to secure the external borders. The responses to refugee movements are often higher walls, more paramilitary security firms and larger prisons…. “We are the lowest stratum of society,” writes the Refugee Struggle for Freedom initiative in a statement. Our bodies are our only weapon.”” Read here why it’s a matter of life and death for the refugees.
This is for the people in Europe who don’t get it yet, the ordeal the refugees go through is caused by imperialism and capitalism and Europe has a historic responsibility here, which she can no longer avoid. This is what refugees have to go through so that when they reach Europe’s shores they are arrested and subjected to racist state policies, or killed by state uniforms, like it happened in Greece, Spain. Photo captured from an Italian Navy helicopter of migrants (Africans & Syrians). These people don’t run away “for a better life”. They run away to stay alive.
Berlin, local time 6:10, pic via
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According to lawyer yesterday it is impossible to evict roof without (fatal) “accidents” – even without threat of suicide
One Refugee Activist explains why he is ready to jump from the roof of the occupied school in Ohlauerstraße, if an eviction by force takes place and their demand, the right to stay, is still ignored. He says this is like slavery to him.
German: Einer der Refugee Aktivist_innen erklärt warum er bereit ist vom Dach der besetzten Schule in der Ohlauerstraße zu springen, wenn eine Zwangsräumung stattfindet und ihre Forderung nach Bleiberecht weiterhin ignoriert wird.
Cops better get this right: they will commit murder if they evict the refugees at Ohlauer.
Refugees just asked all their defenders, journalists, photographers and lawyers, who are still on the roof with them, to leave the school. Refugees want to prepare for the eviction and told them they are ready to die; there’s no turning back for them. They said they will jump from the roof before any cop gets to them.
: Robots of a racist state attack peaceful demonstrators, students & children, video liked here, see it below too.
Last tweet: Well fck cps!
According to eviction starts at 4am RT : 2304 laut infopoint ist die räumung morgen früh um 4 uhr angesetzt
1:21 am, July 2nd — We just got back from if u dont need2 get up early u should head down there says the police will evict school at 4am
This is not the time to be quiet.” – A silence of international proportions:
Among the most powerless, disenfranchised, stigmatised and criminalised groups of people in Europe are refugees. They are confronted with structural and institutional discrimination and have very little access to legal recourse in the frequent eventuality that they become victim of direct discrimination, criminal acts and violent attacks. Even access to basic health and social care is severely restricted. From the way most refugees in Europe are treated you might get the impression that they themselves are guilty of some heinious crime. General public opinion suggests they deserve everything they get (or if not, “we” are too generous to “them”). The press has a major responsibility in the public image of refugees. For the most part, I observe that the press has failed them miserably to provide impartial information.” Read it all, here.
Why the refugees have come to the point of no return:
“In short, they campaigned for an existence free of constant uncertainty and the right to be allowed to settle in Germany. The camp came about as a direct result of the suicide of an Iranian refugee in a refugee shelter in Würzburg in March 2012 – a tragic episode that revealed how the denial of such freedoms can be too much to bear for often deeply traumatised people who may have experienced war, persecution or other suffering great enough to drive them to leave behind their homes and relatives. The suicide triggered a protest march from Bavaria to Berlin in the autumn of 2012 – the biggest self-organised refugee protest Germany has ever seen, with more than 6000 people showing their support. …
At night he heard rats bustling around the tents, but he considered the rules at the refugee centres worse. There, he said, he had to identify himself to enter his own ‘home’ and wouldn’t be allowed to receive friends in his room. Prince wanted to lead his own life and for this, he needed to make money. He was frustrated with being at the mercy of others and hated being dependent on donations.” — Berlin’s Refugee Protest, read it all here
“Green Party hypocrisy over protests by refugees in Berlin”, read it all here
pic via local time 3 a.m.:
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Earlier, police attacked kids, young students, and journalists when they attempted to break a sit-in.
At the house of Panhoff, the councilor who signed cops’ order to evict there are reports that a car is burning and a small barricade is erected.
pic via Firefighters extinguished a fire in street where Panhoff lives.He is the councillor who asked cops to evict
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Berlin, via EIE: 23:45 Cops don’t let press anymore in the ban zone.
the roof of the school, pic via @peaceofsudan
Earlier, solidarity demo in Frankfurt, 300 people, video: “Take the streets for refugees”
via EIE, Frankfurt video 2:
— Solidarity action office of green party in for p/v :
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One riot squad refused to clear a blockade tonight. In Frankfurt spontaneous demo for Ohlauer with 300 people tonight. Wuppertal will take the streets on Thursday for Ohlauer.

Wanna call Mr. Panhoff? Call +49 30 90298-3260 and ask about … (Panhoff signed the paper giving green light to cops to storm the school and arrest refugees.)

via , earlier

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local time 22:50 — police clustering at Lausitzer/Wiener. support needed! via
pic via local time 23:06
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Even though they are locked in by the cops, and know they are going to be evicted, refugees still celebrate the birthday of one of them; they don’t let themselves be frightened by police. Somebody from Berlin brought them cakes :)
pic via 22: 55 – announcement to clear the road // Wiener Ecke ohlauer machen durchsage die Fahrbahn zu räumen
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Read correspondence leaked of what politicians had in mind all the time regarding the refugees. Herrmann confirms the 900 cops deployed from the beginning to evict the school were armed with machine-guns.
What did not work were the cops with machine guns from Thuringia – the number to me is a complete mystery. Perhaps fear of Kreuzberg, who knows ….” These mails were leaked as part of a power struggle to avoid moral responsibility for what police are going to do.
Solidarity from residents, earlier pic via
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pic via 5mPhoto: food supply for refugees, waiting to get in the kessel cops for politics
Image preview
“State and nazis, hand in hand,” on the roof of the refugee school, earlier, pic via
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Cops sealing off the school from the rest of Kreuzberg, pic via
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Solidarity with the refugees on the roof, entering 9th night of strike. pic via
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pic via Banner urges riot Police not to obey their orders to evict migrants: “take the Helmet off, put the brain in”
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pic from earlier today, when Kreuzberg stopped cops evicting the school, pic via Embedded image permalink
Solidarity action in Wupertall:

pic via guckt die und schickt Solidarität nach . Am Donnerstag gibt’s Demo bei uns!

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This is what activists and residents of Berlin had faced so they can protect the refugees from the state. pic via Polizisten bei der brutalen Räumung der Sitzblockade Reichenberger Ecke Lausitzer Straße
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pic via Solidarity over the rooftops of Kreuzberg.
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pic via View from my balcony for 8 days now
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These kids have been following cops, deployed in Kreuzberg, all day carrying this banner; it reads: “Helmets off, Brains In“, pic via
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People shout Auf einem weiteren steht: “You are killing our friends“ via
The independent investigation council is now again directly available via phone: 030/6922222 Call if you see arrests!

STOP in Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Greece..

Activists and residents still call on cops to refuse to obey orders.
trl. [20:58] Eyewitness: A police-unit at corner Lausitzer/Reiche says they have refused an order to evict a blockade
[2144] In the school, a lot of food is still needed! Thanks for your donations, keep them coming! via
transl. [18:24] sleeping-places and mattresses are still urgently needed!
Solidarity demo in Hamburg, via “Henkel, you loser! Berlin! Lampedusa!”
Up to this point, residents have stopped cops from evicting the school; police are inside the school, refugees are on the roof and they said they will jump if police attempts to arrest and deport them, after 2 years and a half of enduring state’s inhumane and racist “immigration” policies. Cops obtained orders to storm and evict the school; residents in Berlin stopped them, anyway they could: blockades, sit-ins, picnics, badminton games, concerts, yelling at them to disobey orders, breaking the barriers and demonstrating in front of the school so refugees can see them; putting leaflets and banners everywhere that refugees are welcome, that police violence must be stopped and denying cops access to their pubs if they wanted to pee. Earlier cops attacked pupils at a solidarity demo, they beat minors with batons and used pepper spray. Kids were trying to get to the school, crossing over police barriers. Now there is a solidarity demo in Berlin, in a matter of minutes, it grew to 300 people. pic via
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These are everywhere, now, they say “Occupant force, out”. pic via
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Video of police attacking refugees’ defenders earlier
not visible in this photo: the ridiculous amount of police forces to the left
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(tl) « [20:58] according to an eyewitness, one police unit at Lausitzer/Reiche refused to obay the order to evict.
: 2131 UPDATE: Essen darf jetzt durch – 5 Einkaufswägen “; first to Penny, then revolution!” cops allow only food from the church for the refugees inside the school, they will be ignored.

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