Planned Parenthood Sues Producers of Fake Videos


Officials from Planned Parenthood filed a racketeering lawsuit against anti-abortion activist David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress group on Thursday, calling the group “a complex criminal enterprise conceived and executed by anti-abortion extremists.”

“The express aim of the enterprise — which stretched over years and involved fake companies, fake identifications, and large-scale illegal taping — was a to demonize Planned Parenthood,” the lawsuit says.

The fake videos released last summer claimed to expose illegal sales of fetal tissues by Planned Parenthood to a tissue bank called Stem Express, as well as illegal abortion procedures.

The federal lawsuit accuses CMP of racketeering, illegally creating and using fake driver’s licenses, as well as invading the privacy of Planned Parenthood officials and staff by illegally recording them.

The 5 videos released were cut at least 42 times to make it appear as though the abortion clinic doctors were replying to questions they were never asked.

The false claims made in the spliced videos sparked a 9 fold increase in violent attacks against abortion providers. In November, a man who stated he was a “warrior for the babies” made 6 children orphans when he shot three of their parents dead during his armed attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado.

Unfortunately, many people (including members of the US Congress and Senate who hold anti-abortion beliefs) have been eager to use the false information to further their own manipulative agendas – even after Congressional hearings and investigations were held in 10 states that released a report calling the videos deceptive.

Members of Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood eight times this past year, and just last week members of the House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood, marking the first time a bill of this nature has made it to the president’s desk in more than 40 years.

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