Pipe Bomb Detonated at Colorado NAACP Office



In an act of what was clearly politically motivated violence, someone planted an IED at the NAACP office in Colorado Springs. To the dismay of many, and to the surprise of few, the main stream media has neglected to name the perpetrator of this obvious hate crime as a terrorist. There is a chance that the target was the beauty store next door, but in this case it seems as though that is the least likely possible scenario.

The FBI showed up to investigate, and has reported that they are looking for a balding white male suspect around the age of 40. The government, media, and the general public jump on the chance to call people of color – particularly Arabs and those mistaken for them – terrorists, thugs, or worse. Yet white people are repeatedly committing acts that fall under the very definition of terrorism and referred to as “troubled” or at the worst “mentally ill.”

Another disturbing trend is the adamant victim blaming exercised by white racists when people of color are victims of violent crimes, and the lengths they go to do so.

While outright racists praise and perpetrate violence against oppressed people, their covertly racist counterparts engage in privilege denying and victim blaming, and all of this while white liberals claim we live in a ‘post-racial’ society.

This was not the only hate crime committed in the past 24 hours that went largely ignored by the mainstream media, and was downplayed. At Missouri State Western University, a number of hateful messages, including racial slurs, “KKK,” and swastikas, were painted on cars throughout campus. According to a local in St. Joe, “the official school email erased all mention of racism, and isn’t even considering it a possible hate crime.” We are trying to get a copy of the email, so that we can report on this in more depth.  The FBI has called the bombing “deliberate” but has yet to call it a terrorist act, or even report that the NAACP was the intended target.

Did Al-Qaeda blow up the building in Oklahoma? NO! Did Al-Qaeda put anthrax in your mail? NO! Did Al-Qaeda drag James Byrd onto the street till his eyes popped out of his fuckin’ head? NO! I ain’t scared of Al-Qaeda! I’m scared of Al-Cracka!” —  Chris Rock