Tamir Rice’s Father Releases Statement On Eve of Fathers Day


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Cleveland – Attorneys for Tamir Rice’s family released a statement today from Tamir’s father, Leonard Warner, on his son’s death on the eve of Father’s Day.

The statement reads:

“As Father’s Day approaches on Sunday, I think of the many fathers, who like me, will experience another wave of grief at the loss of a young child to senseless gun violence. Becoming a father to my son, Tamir, was truly a special gift. He was the pinnacle of love and a constant reminder from God that life could be beautiful. But after Tamir’s life was senselessly taken this past November, the thought of Father’s Day is just another unpleasant reminder of the worst day of my life.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my son, and the joy he brought to us all. Visiting his memorial each week breaks my heart. The pain is overwhelming at times,but I find comfort in the love of my community who continues to stand with my family and activist such as the Cleveland 8 who all seek to bring my son’s killers to justice. Witnessing my son’s brutal murder on videotape is one of the most difficult images I have been forced to cope with. I will never go back to “normal,” because I will never get my son back. I can only cherish his memory and join in the fight to ensure that everyone knows that #BlackLivesMatter.

As I continue to hold onto my faith in God, I wanted to pray for all the fathers around the world, that you might never have the unfortunate experience of burying your child and sharing in this grief. Please keep me lifted up in your prayers as I hold on to hope that in due season, things will begin to change.

I love you Tamir and I can’t wait to see your smiling face when we meet again in paradise.

Now six months into the investigation, documents were released earlier in June by the prosecutor handling the case that detail the moments before the brief, deadly encounter — and how the responding officers seemed almost shell-shocked as Tamir Rice lay dying outside a rec center.

Cleveland police have lied and said the officer who fired the fatal shots, Timothy Loehmann, had told Tamir three times to put his hands up, then opened fire when the boy reached for the pellet gun tucked in his waistband.

An impossibility, when the entire interaction between Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann and 12yr old Tamir Rice takes place within two seconds.

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