Officers Who Shot and Killed Kajieme Powell Will Not Face Charges


The St. Louis Circut Attorney’s office announced today that the officers involved in the killing of Kajieme Powell will not face any criminal charges.

Authorities said Kajieme Powell stole donuts and energy drinks from a store on August 19th, which prompted the owner to call police, according to KSDK. When two officers arrived shortly before 1 p.m., they said they observed Powell acting erratically. Police allege he refused to put down a knife.

Powell repeatedly yelled “shoot me motherfucker,” eventually walking up on to an elevated part of the sidewalk, when officers opened fire and killed him – later handcuffing his dead body.

Local media and the police allege that he “advanced” towards the officer, but from watching the video it is unclear what his next move was going to be. He was circling back around in the parking lot, but he did not lunge at the police or make any threatening movements before they opened fire.

The knife police say he was holding was a small kitchen steak knife, and there was considerable distance – clearly more than the 3 or 4 feet that the police report alleged – and even an elevated parking lot between Kajieme and the officer who first opened fire.

Here is the video:

and the security camera footage:

Police also lied in the report and said that Kajieme was “holding a knife up high” which is clearly untrue. Police pulled up and immediately escalated the situation, drawing their weapons as soon as they got out of the car.

If the police had backed up and talked him down, he may still be alive. He was walking towards them with his hands down, and not only did they shoot to kill, they didn’t even fire any kind of warning shot.

Chief Dotson praised the findings, you can read the whole report by the St. Louis Circut Attorney’s office here.


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