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Raw video recorded moments after the shooting near North and Penn, the central site of this past weeks protests and curfew stand-off’s.  Details are few at the moment. Many eyewitnesses say police fired at a man, shooting him in the back and then putting him in handcuffs. Officers claim it was the man’s gun that fired when he dropped it. Several People were indiscriminately pepper sprayed by BPD officers as they tried to get people to clear the area. The shooting victim was taken away in an ambulance.


Thomas Hedges @ThomasHedgesTRN Producer in Baltimore.

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Victim’s name is Robert Tucker and he is still being held at the University of Maryland Hospital. We are currently awaiting an update from the hospital on his injuries and condition.

Baynard Woods a managing editor at the Baltimore City Paper reported that when he called the Hospital to check on Mr. Tuckers condition that the front desk said that he was still in emergency.

Deray McKesson is a prominent activist in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Baltimore police after originally stating that Mr Tucker had dropped his own gun and it fired resulting in his own shooting are now saying that the gun did go off yet nobody was shot. Shimon Prokupecz – Covering Law Enforcement For CNN tweeted earlier. Screenshot from 2015-05-04 15:41:06 As we await the report from the hospital on Mr Tuckers condition and injuries several things are clear about what actually happened. From the recorded video after the incident it seems nearly everyone present including members of CNN and FOX news who reported their eyewitness accounts all believed that they had just witnessed the Baltimore Police shoot a man. Another is that despite the Baltimore Police immediately saying that they had not shot anyone the people in the area of the incident in Baltimore did not believe the police statement. It is currently unclear if we have made an error in reporting this incident as an officer involved shooting, but if it turns out we have, we would always rather us err on the side of amplifying the voice of the people.


An eyewitness who spoke with Fox around 20 minutes after the shooting unfolded said that the man who was shot was sitting on the steps of a nearby check cashing store when a police cruiser pulled up. “As soon as he saw the police, he started running,” the eyewitness said. Then, from around 20 feet away, she said that she saw the officer open fire as the suspect fled. “In my mind it was ‘here we go again,’” the witness said. 

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