NOWKR News Ticker for 1/24 [English]

15:45 Buses from Germany full of leftist activists, which were stopped by the Police, are allowed to drive ahead.
16:00 Dieter Bornemann, ORF ZIB and journalist, has just sent a letter to Police Commissioner Pürstl.
where he complained about the restrictions of press freedom.
16:03 17 Policebusses in Wien Mitte

Legal Aid Phone Number: 0043 (0)688 60 307 402

16:42 civil cops are already at Fleischmarkt (at the route of the demo)  
16:39 City center: From now on exclusion zone and the ban on masks is “on” in district 1-9
16:26 Landstrasse: At Landstraße at the startingpoint for the demo there are 10 police vans and civil cops
16:01 Oper; 3 police vans (about 30 persons) with riot cops with helmets on inside are standing in front of the Oper (opera house)
17:07 Nazis in taxi’s spotted at  Löbelstraße!

17:23 Water canons at Heldenplatz!

17:25  Fences at the ring. Many nervous cops, but its still possible to come into the exclusion zone.
17:31 People are forming the Demonstrations. University Vienna.
17:32 Wien Mitte: NoWKR Demonstration is on the way!
17:35 Stream is running:
17:36 Fences NEWS: Graben is free,
Neuer MArkt is free, SingerStraße is free, Spiegelgasse is free
At Steffel and Schulerstraße there are fences
17:40 Demonstration OGR is on its way!
17:50 Schottentor The last part of the demo passes Schottentor, 5000 protesters at the OGR Demo.
17:54 Maria-Theresien-Platz
Registered FPÖ (Far right party in Austria) gathering. Like expected No people there only Fences.
17:58 Police walk extra slow to slow down the Demonstration.
18:00 NOWKR Demonstration about 2000 People!
18:04 Ring/Rosenbursenstrasse Fences, Police with Batons
18:11 Schwarzenbergplatz
At Schwarzenbergplatz there is a Water Canon in position.
18:15 Great spirit at both demos! Alerta Alerta Antifascista!
1819 Visitors of the Akademikerball are giving an interview to ORF (public tv in Austria) at Graben next to Demo. #ogr #nowkr
18:23 Morzinplatz
no-WKR Demonstrations arrives at Morzinplatz to make a short Rally.
1824 Entry to Rotenturmstraße Stephansplatz is closed with Police Cars and Fences. Policecars in Rotenturm are unmanned.
18:32 International Block is between Ring st and Oper Theatre
18:35 Massive police operation at Burgtheater
18:38 Blankgasse – Martin Graf is driving now through Blankgasse, which is closed.
Everywhere in the city there are small Blockades.
18:44 Water Canon arrived at Albertina, attention police are heavily armed!
18:48 NOWKR – skirmishes at OPER with Pepper Spray, Demonstrators retreated. 1 Demonstrator is injured.
18:53 Kohlmarkt
100 People are at Kohlmarkt/Michaelerplatz and Blockading the street.
18:56 Police got kettled on Stephansplatz.
19:00 Blockade at Karlrenner Ring.
19:01 Viennese Special Police Forces Storm Stephansplatz
19:02 Goldschmiedgasse/Reisingergasse
Police forces concentrating troops at Goldschmiedgasse/Reisingergasse
19:03 Fights on the streets at “am Hof” 2 detentions!
19:11 Blockade at Volkstheater!
19:12 1000 People at Karl Rennerring!
19:14 Löwelgasse Sit-In – Blockade with  100 People!
19:15 Maria-Theresien-Platz
Double Fences are almost unmanned…
19:17 Kettle at Freyung!
19:18 Many protesters at Volkstheter.
19:20 Herrengasse is empty… no Police.
19:21 Watercanon at Volkstheater!
19:25 Babenberger Strasse
Maria-Theresien-Platz/Mariahilferstrasse Taxis drive through, Police wink them trough.
19:28 Kettle at Löbelstraße, police operation against registered gathering. 1 Detention at Löbelstraße.Confirmed!
19:34 Löbelstraße Police uses Pepperspray against Demonstranten!
19:35 Police try to Kettle demo at Burgtheater!!!
19:35 Freyung 10 Policecars leave Freyung.  2 arrests one insured person now.
19:40 Bus with nazis gets blocked in Belariagasse!
19:42 Kettle near Volkstheater!
19:48 Badly Insured Person at Burgtheater.
19:50 Nazis am Schillerplatz
19:51 People get arrested at Burgtheater. HELP!
19:52 Burgtheater: Police Brutality
19:53 Volkstheater: empty roads.
20:00 Löbelstraße: Police brutality!
20:05 Ring/Löwelgasse
Radio Orange: Ring/Löwelgasse: Police pushes protesters from the Ring into the Löwelgasse
20:10 Another detention.
20:11 Police drive their into the Hofburg
20:12 Watercanon arrived at Burgtheater!
 20:14 Blockade point Herrengasse Figlgasse
100 people on their way
20:15 Only 400 nazis arrived at the #Akademikerball 400 are still missing.
20:20 Situation at Löbelstraße is more calm now.
20:22 Our Stream is at the Ball at Hofburg on the Herrengasse
20:30 At Volkstheater a lot police.
20:30 Eschenbachgasse: There are 2 water canons at Eschenbachgasse. In the middle of the street 2 taxis are stopped.
20:35 Wasserwerfer! Operngasse Water canons are driving through Operngasse and turn into Getreidemarkt.
20:38 Region Stephansplatz has calmed down now… some policeman staying arround.
20:38 Water Canons driving to Rathaus!
20:41 Danger Zone between Parlament and Volkstheater!
20:45 Pepperspray at Republic monument!
20:47 Eschenbachgasse
Blockade with about 30 people, they need support. Looks like cops from Heldenplatz are coming to Eschenbackgasse.
20:54 30 Police officers run to Volkstheater.
21:03 ORF Austrian Mainstream Media is going to make a livestream.
21:06  Breakt through into exclusion zone at Ring. People go to
21:10 Kettle at Doktor Karl Rennerring.
21:12 Blockades getting slowly dissolved…
21:16 Michaelerplatz: Taxi’s come through here, no protesters, cops are there
21:46 2 Water Canons drive at the Ring at Parlament #nowkr
21:37 Herrengasse
Info-collective: Blockade at Herrengasse near to Freyung, needs help!

21:53 WienTV broadcasting live again at

21:55 Volkstheater
Still a lot of action and a lot Police, also ambulances.
Situation is unclear.
22:00 Police of Vienna protects the Fascists!
22:02 Near to the PAZ Rossauerlände is a calmer Demonstration.
22:04 Police Blockade the Balaria Street!
22:11 Balaria Street again, one detention.
22:13 Akademie
Police with dogs on chains blocking people from leaving (Schillerplatz) the Akademie.

22:30 Coordinated actions are wrapping up, catch future updates by following @newsrevo on Twitter and continue watching the livestream here:

22:31 Nevermind: Kettle at Volkstheater 40 police busses.

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