No Hate Crime or Attempted Murder for 4th Precinct Shooter


Minneapolis – On Monday the 23rd of November four men who had organized an armed strike with racist intent traveled to the 4th precinct protest camp and shot five people. Today the four men involved in the armed attack were formally charged.

Despite all of the evidence of the racially motivated attack, all 4 of the men were charged with rioting in the 2nd-degree while armed and the man who pulled the trigger shooting 8 rounds into a crowd of people where children were present, subsequently shooting 5 Minneapolis residents was only charged with 5 counts of second-degree assault.

All 4 men have admitted to their involvement in the shooting.

Investigators have viewed the strings of over the top, blatantly racist messages on 4Chan where participants organized the armed attack on the Black Lives Matter protests in a thread titled “Chimpout Friday Night” in hopes of starting or in their own words “make the fire rise” in what they envision as a racial war.

Allen Scarsella phoned a friend after the shooting who happens to be a current Mankota Minnesota police officer to tell him that he just shot five people. The Mankota officer who described Scarsella as a known racist also says that he encouraged Scarsella to turn himself in. Need I say, birds of a feather.

Investigators stated that Scarsella’s phone was full of racist images and photos of himself and others armed and posing with the confederate flag, a strikingly similar aspect with the racially motivated murderer of the Charleston 9, Dylan Roof who is currently facing Federal hate crime and domestic terrorism charges.

This wasn’t even the first racially motivated and armed visit to provoke and incite the 4th precinct protest that Scarsella made. Scarsella and another person, organized, traveled, dressed in camouflage with face masks and attempted to provoke protesters into a confrontation on Nov 19th.

Scarsella recorded a video of himself and another en route to the 4th precinct on the 19th of November. In the video below Scarsella shows off his handgun and boasts about his racially charged intent. Nearly every other word out of his mouth is a racial slur and he ends the video with “stay white”. The intent of his actions is clear. This was a racially motivated armed attack that attempted to murder yet wounded five innocent Minneapolis residents.

The video Scarsella recorded of his first armed visit to the 4th precinct protest.

The intent of Scarsella and his cohorts is blatantly clear unless you’re the prosecutor who didn’t charge them with hate crimes and attempted murder.

A portion of the live stream that Scarsella broadcast titled “Jungle Bunny Re/k/on” is in the video below in combination with snippets of the community questioning the groups intent for being there.

Scarsella is being held on $500,000 bail, while the others are being held on $250,000 bail, according to the Hennepin County Jail roster. All will make their first court appearances at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Community members, organized by Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, have been occupying the precinct since Nov. 15, when 24-year-old Jamar Clark was shot in the back of his head (while handcuffed according to witnesses) and killed by Minneapolis police.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges on Monday called for an end to the 4th precinct encampment. Community members have responded by saying that they will not be moved and have no intention of leaving until justice is served.

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