Neo Nazis Deface NYC Art Gallery Over Euromaidan Photo Exhibit

Photo: Benjamin Hiller

Photo: Benjamin Hiller

Once again, neo-nazi fascists supporting the Right Sector and/or the neo-nazi Azov battalion have committed a violent act in the US in the name of defending the name of the Euromaidan coup, which replaced a government of oligarchs loyal to Russia, with IMF, EU, and western controlled oligarchs and fascists. The Euromaidan coup led to the devastating war going on in eastern Ukraine, named by the Kiev government as an “Anti Terrorist Operation,” which features US/EU backed murder of ethnic Russians and other Ukrainian civilians, impunity for neo-nazi fighting brigades, and has led to the fleeing of up to a million refugees from Ukraine to Russia.

Since the US backed coup, Euromaidan activists and Right Sector supporters have been relatively active in the United States and abroad, spreading nationalist ideology and the propaganda of the Ukrainian government and its fascists. In April, Right Sector supporters tried to storm and attack a teach in at a Chicago union hall, dropping Right Sector literature. On September 30th, a high ranking member of Right Sector, Borislav Bereza, held a conference in San Francisco, which was interrupted by Bay Area Antifa. Today, October 3rd, three people attacked and vandalized the traveling art exhibit “Material Evidence” while it was on display in New York City.

The Ukrainian section of “Material Evidence” as described by it’s creators:

The events of the last months in Ukraine have almost led to the dissolution of Ukraine as a sovereign country.
Bloody collisions on the «Maidan Independence Square» in Kiev resulted in an upsurge of nationalists-banderovtsy groups on the ground who where the main force behind the overthrow of the last president. This uprising could not be ignored by the Eastern parts of Ukraine, which are mostly populated with Russian-speaking people. The residents of the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine strongly oppose «benserovtsy» and «Westerner Oligarchs» who had come to power. Accordingly the Autonomous Republic of Crimea held a referendum on the separation from the Ukraine and its reunification with Russia.

What happened in Kiev and Crimea during these weeks? What awaits Ukraine? The exhibition tries to give the answers on that in the part «Ukraine. Material Evidence».

HyperAllergic reported that three people were involved in the attack which included the defacement of artwork, and the pepper spraying of the curator, Benjamin Hiller. The attack began with a man and a woman entering the gallery, handing out anti-Putin and pro neo-nazi literature, and approaching the curator to ask him if he spoke Russian (which he doesn’t). Soon after, a third person came in and headed directly for Hiller:

He asked me if I am the guy responsible for the exhibition, that we have brought shame on the Ukraine people. I tried to explain that we show also the killed [Euromaidan] protesters, but then he pulled out pepper spray, sprayed it in my face and kicked against the table and my laptop fell on the ground.

At this point the female assailant fled, while the other male defaced photographs and left the premises. Photos of the defacement can be seen on the HypoAllergenic website, and some featured photos from “Material Evidence” can be seen on the exhibit’s official website. The exhibit will stay open until the 11th, with increased security.


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