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Riot police in Odessa contemplating while neo-nazis from Right Sector (UNA-UNSO)  set the trade union building on fire, where hundreds were trapped.

On May 2, 2014 anti-Kyiv protestors were ambushed, trapped, butchered, shot, beaten to death, and some were possibly raped, by the neo-nazis of Right Sector, backed by the Kyiv government, and their street armies – ultras, mainly from Kharkov. This has been the best documented massacre in history, but it’s considered by “civilized” leaders as “law enforcement.” Mainstream media masked it under the cover of the clashes which took place in downtown Odessa before the Trade Union building was attacked. The clashes were used to justify, excuse or rationalize the massacre that happened inside the Trade Union building which the killers later covered in nazi symbols. Read how and why this happened, here and here.


This video captured some of the people — who were later killed inside the trade union building — , discussing what to do after they learned that Right Sector (seen also at 6:00) were coming to attack them, at time code 7:00, at 14:00 they start to build barricades at the main entrance. At 12:25 the first people appear on the roof, and at 17:28 the first Molotovs are thrown towards the main entrance. At 18:00 Right Sector enter the building through a lateral door. Meanwhile the main entrance was already burning.  At 19:30 the hotshot who in this video organized red armbands “pro-Russian separatists” is seen at the site of the burning building talking to the chief of police from Odessa who later disappeared. At 20:51 there is a the body of a person who could not escape the fire. At 21:25 there are women taken out of the building. At 21:57 a member of Borotba, Albu, is coming out of the gate at the backside of the building, he is saying: “I am not armed!” to a man who is injured and yells at him: “It’s your fault!” At the same time, at 22:11 a pro-government supporter is hitting another man who was taken out of the building.

At 1:12:38- 1:12:41 you can see a woman and her two boys inside the building looking at the nazis setting the encampment at Kulikovo on fire. The Government denied they existed.

This documentary proves Right Sector’s brutal 14th sotni were in Odessa during the clashes; their logo is UNA-UNSO’s (presented to the public as Right Sector to create the impression of spontaneity of the EuroMaidan. UNA-UNSO’s site speaks in the name of Right Sector). Time code 7:23, they get organized by the police.

This video shows Right Sector attacking and confiscating a firetruck and beating the firefighter (time code 1:00:00), before they got to the place of the main clashes downtown Odessa, prior to the massacre at the trade union building. At 6:18, a Right Sector unit is waiting orders, prior to the clashes.

It continues here, with the clashes and the building set on fire from outside, and with the massacre here and here. On the second part, at 47:35 a man is holding a shield with a red star – a sign supposedly used to identify anti-government people, he’s on the side of the pro-government nazis and ultras.

This video shows how “the peaceful” pro-government ultras attacked the firefighter.

This video documents how the “peaceful” government supporters attacked a person who was trying to hide from them – before the clashes.

This documentary shows that police organized red armbands and that Right Sector units were deployed to attack the trade union building, time code 1:22:47; cops with red armbands time code 1:47:10, “pro-Russian separatist” arranging something with the police at time code 1:48:12, and some police hotshot teaching red-armbands “pro-Russian separatists” not to mess “their tasks”, at 1:48:22. The man who shoots at the people in the burning building is Right Sector, he met the boss over security, armed forces and police apparatus from Kyiv on April 29, 2014 when they got some bullet proof vests (see images and photos, here and here).

Here are images from the surveillance cameras, which have been edited, they still show Molotovs thrown at the building by Right Sector, see them explained here. Other images seem to be from the same camera:

From here, “this video from George Eliason, an American living in Ukraine, shows the Trade Unions Building starting to be firebombed; then at 2:28 a big firebomb is blasted into the building and there are cheers, but by the end of the video the flames are strong and the sky can hardly be seen because of the dense smoke from the burning building:

In these images, Right Sector warn their own about some gas being inside, which means they knew about it before they got in. It also proves that Right Sector were inside the building where they beat, shot, and strangled the people from Odessa.

This video proves they were inside and shows a part of what they were doing: trying to get to the people who were hiding behind barricaded doors.

Images here prove that the televisions, who said that the people inside the building set themselves on fire by torching some rooms, lied. It’s clearly seen how Molotovs are thrown with the intent to torch the people inside the rooms – other videos show people in those rooms who survived.

This video shows people falling on the ground – not clear if they jumped themselves or were thrown by those who attacked them inside. Video proves people were clubbed to death after the fall. Right at the beginning, several gunshots can be heard.

This video has been translated here:

“0.43-47 “Let us burn those motherfuckers right in the building, fucking faggots”
1.08 – Everything around is already burning. Injured people are lying on the ground.
1.18-1.20 Maidan activist Mykola is running and shooting at people, who are trying to escape from the window.
2.34-2.36 Older man is telling “Go from the other side around, through the bathroom!” «Ребята, с той стороны, через туалет!»
2.44 – He was told to continue his commands and then answered “ Do not film me” , «Меня не снимай»
3.20 – Fire inside. Operator is telling the building will start to burn now. Second floor is burning.
3.50 – Operator notices that someone is trying to extinguish the fire from the inside.
4.08 – Man is advising to throw more Molotovs. “Throw them, throw them!” , “Кидай кидай,блять!”
4.32 – You may see grenade explosion at the front of the entrance.
5.40-5.50 – attackers throw more fire to the window and then are shouting “GOAL!!!”
6.25 – 7.13 – The same man, Mykola, who is wearing yellow-blue bandage on his left arm, is shooting at people who are trying to catch air and are seen from the window.
8.07 – Operator is wondering what is going on inside. He says that the crowd has started to move inside the house.
8.10 – Maidan activists are telling each other to go to the backyard, because people are trying to escape from there
8.26 – Crowd is shouting “They are escaping! Run to the backyard!” «Они выходят сзади!»
8.42 –This is the front of the building. More cocktails are thrown.
9.41-9.47 – Nationalists are screaming “Fuck them right there, throw to the windows!” , «Хуярьте туда, кидайте в окна!»
13.00 – Operator is moving to the backyard.
14.15- People, who are still alive are shouting “Police, you have been bought as scums and all of you will go to prison afterwards!” антифашисты еще живые кричат в мегафон- “”менты продажные твари- всех вас потом посадят в тюрьму- ”
14.17 – A bus, where police officers are situated.
14.41 – Man from the window is shouting “Citizens of Odessa city, rise up!”
15.40- менты стоят все это время ЗА Домом Профсоюэов и они спокойно общаются пока здание уже горит с центрального входа и на 1 этаже.
15.49 – Operator shows where police officers are situated. They are simply chatting, while the building is burning from the front and on the first floor.
16.40- People start to jump from the window. 2, 3,4 dead bodies.
21.00 still alive girls are shouting from the second and third floor.
23.00- Burning man has fallen from the window. Crowd is happy. Operator is asking them to help, but the answer is “They have cut off heads of activists in Kiev”.
23.20- Anti-nationalist man is lying on the roof. Maidan nazzis are shouting to him “Jump! Glory to the Ukraine!”, «Прыгай! Слава Украине!»”


In this video at 0:21, “the peaceful” pro-Kyiv ultras (coordinated by Right Sector) go marching towards the Trade Union building armed with guns and clubs. They are among the first who arrive at Kulikovo square. One of them opens fire at a poster of a politician. Images show they set the fire first to the encampment, then to the building. At 3:01 the first gun fire is heard – already some of them were in the building. They get scared then they realize it was not them who were shot at, but the people inside the building and return. More gunshots are heard – on all videos there can be heard gunshots and explosions. There are some people on the roof of the building with Molotovs – next to them. It is not clear on what side they are. At 3:41 one of the first Molotovs thrown into the building by Right Sector. At 4:13 their rivals are outside the building, at the main entrance, behind the barricades. They exchanged stones. At 5:10 a Molotov is thrown in their direction from the square.

Here it’s clear the Molotovs were thrown inside the main entrance, the barricades in front of the building are not burned, so the fire did not started because the people on the roof threw Molotovs at the barricades at the main entrance, like the government said at some point, claiming the Odessites trapped inside the building set themselves on fire.

This video also shows Molotovs thrown at the building, it’s translated in English.

 Here you can see Molotovs thrown at the building by Right Sector and ultras.

This video shows the last minutes and the last seconds of one of the victims killed inside the Trade Union building.

This video shows Molotovs being prepared by girls who were not from Odessa.


These images captured the murder of a woman by a Right Sector – while she is screaming, the buddies of Right Sector say that she should be beaten to death because she is “a separatist” and an animal, for “not staying home with kids.” Her killer comes at the window, they praise him enthusiastically. The video proves that Right Sector killed people inside the burning building, the police being present at the crime scene.

This video proves that Right Sector were inside the building- at 0:06 one of them comes out at a 5th floor window and waves a flag of Ukraine- signaling to those outside that they’ve wiped out “their enemies.” The video also proves that the Right sector from outside set the rooms on fire, by throwing Molotovs inside the rooms.

This video proves that some were beaten to death or shot by Right Sector, they did not die in the fire.

The man in white shirt, behind this woman they captured while she was trying to escape through the backside, is holding a machete. Some machete were found inside the trade union building – another proof Right Sector were there with the intent to murder.

10367731_788701541142514_1064319705282282568_n (2)

A mother and her two children inside the trade union building watching Right Sector nazis burning the encampment in Kulikovo square. The government tried to deny these people even existed.

This video shows Right Sector beating survivors while they are arrested, even in the police vans.

At 0:51, a woman, hardly walking, is taken out of the building.

This video shows people injured or killed rushed to the hospital.

This video records some of the survivors who were beaten.

This video shows some of the people killed inside the building.

This video shows signs of attacks and blood (55:07), doors broken, bodies – not burned. Almost every room was attacked.

This is a witness saying who took refuge on the roof of the building. This is another woman who was shot at inside the building by Right Sector, but he missed. She was later interrogated and forced to say she was Russian. This video records some testimonies of the survivors, this too.

This video was filmed inside the burned down building 2 days after the police allowed people to go in.

This video is filmed on the roof of the building, days later.

This video shows a man who had his leg has chopped off by “the peaceful” pro-government ultras and Right Sector, on the streets of Odessa, prior to the massacre at the trade union building. This is further proof they had machetes with them, which were later found inside the torched building.

This video shows some cops refusing to play along; they are pretty pissed off, throw away their shields, and leave. Officials said they were called “somewhere else.”

These pictures prove that people were shot and then set on fire later. People hanging on the windows probably burned alive. Pictures taken from here

45798_1000 (1)





Blood is visible.


103 (2)








Gunshot wounds are visible.




This is proof that Right Sector were inside the building killing people. According to ruling politicians and western leaders “they enforced the law”.

Nazis left their signatures on the trade union building they torched and around it – that cross in a circle, behind this man mourning, is one of their white supremacy sign.


Government tank sent to invade Mariupol, burned down by residents. They wrote on it: “This is for Odessa, bastards.”

Emotional sight: A man attempts to hold back his tears, as he enters Odessa's burnt trade centre building

A man attempts to hold back his tears, as he enters the trade union building days after the massacre.

Protest in Sweden. On Twitter, Carl Buildt, one of EU’s officials, has called the victims of the massacre “pro-Russian thugs”, then he lied, “seems to have started with pro-Russian attempt to control buildings.” Probably, too used to the Svoboda’s Right Sector nazis violently occupying buildings in Ukraine during the EuroMaidan. When feminists in Sweden were attacked and 4 almost murdered by nazis – among whom one participated at the EuroMaidan- Buildt said Svoboda are promoting “European values.”


In front of Ukraine’s embassy in Moscow.

odessa victory day 1


If anything can be more horrible about the Odessa massacre is that the public reaction, dominated by the government lies and media propaganda blaming the victims for the crimes committed by the government supporters, has denied the relatives of the victims even the right of mourning… Some of them went to visit the crime scene where they lost their dear ones.

Protest in Germany after the Odessa massacre. Visiting Aachen, Ukrainian PM has been called by hundreds protestors: “a murderer,” “a terrorist,” “a fascist.”


In front of Ukraine’s embassy in Moscow.

Protest in Ireland, after the Odessa massacre: “Kiev government murdering Ukrainians.”

Protest in Rome, in front of Ukrainian embassy.

Protest in London.


Thousands took it to the streets in Odessa, after the massacre. They stormed the police station and released the survivors which had been arrested.

One Femen expressing support for the Odessa massacre, she declared herself to be a follower of the nazi Stepan Bandera. Later she removed the pic. Femen are ever more contested by feminists who denounce their attempt to hack and compromise the feminist struggle to the benefits of capitalists.

Cops were present all the time at Kulikovo square, while Right Sector were killing people inside the trade union building. Right Sector were praised by the new chief of the Odessa police for applying the law. According to the official history, what happened in Odessa on May 2 in the trade union building was not a massacre, but “a fire” and “a tragedy.” Svoboda – ruling party – politicians have called for more killings.


Right Sector nazis, marching in Odessa, holding police shields, days after the massacre they committed inside the trade union building.


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