Nazis Knife Down Feminists On Women’s Day In Malmo, Sweden


Malmo, Sweden: 2,000 protest after 6 feminists were attacked with knives when returning from Women’s Day. Antifascists from more cities in Sweden and Denmark participated in this demo.

Armed with knives, Nazis tried to assassinate feminists Saturday night in Malmo, Sweden, when they attacked a group of 4 men and 2 women. 4 of the group suffered knife injuries, including one young man, who was wounded in a lung, and another one was severely injured to the head. He is an anti-homophobia activist, and he is still in a coma. The others who were not stabbed were beaten.

UPDATE: A separate incident took place on March 9th, when a school in central Stockholm was defaced with Nazi graffiti,The Local reported. “This is the first time there has been anti-Semitic graffiti aimed at Vasa Real and its Jewish students, but if you piece together everything else that’s happening, you’ll see that it’s more than just individual coincidences,” Lena Posner-Körösi,  head of the Jewish Community Association of Stockholm, was quoted as saying. “We have an extremely worrying development both in Sweden and Europe where right-wing groups are winning power,” she added.” Source


The feminists were attacked in a working class neighborhood. The Nazis planned their attack, which comes 3 months after an anti-racist demonstration was attacked by Nazis in Sweden’s capital, under the noses of the police.

The group of feminists was returning from a 200 strong Reclaim the Night march on Women’s Day. Witnesses say the attackers –  a group of six men – were waiting for their victims in the Kristianstadgatan park, which suggests that they planned and premeditated their attack. Police arrested 3 men, and admitted they were nazis only after a left-wing facebook group Ta tillbaka välfärden (Take back the welfare) already identified one of them in the person Andreas Karlsson, a known member of the Nazi political party Svenskarnas Parti (The Swede’s party). Karlsson was in Ukraine to support the far right there in the recent turmoil which led to a regime change.


Karlsson, from the Nazi party Svenskarnas Parti, was involved in the attack against the feminists in Malmo. Picture shows him Ukraine where he said he went to help the far right in Kyiv, involved in the protests which led to a regime change.

”The police spokesperson Calle Persson has been hesitant to state that the attackers were Nazis or even that it was a planned attack, yet groups involved in the demonstration have stated that the attackers were Nazis and that it was clearly a “planned attack”. Source.

“Cops don’t protect people, it’s time for the people to protect themselves,” wrote the left-wing group on their Facebook page.


Antifa rally in solidarity with injured Swedish comrades in Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s the second serious Nazi attack in Sweden in the past 3 months. In Stockholm the nazis attacked an anti-fascist demonstration, leaving several antifa injured. Hate crimes are on the rise in Sweden, due to the state’s tolerance – if not more – for the far-right.


Hate crimes committed by the far right are on rise in Sweden.

The nazi Svenskarnas Part (SvP) admitted their members were involved in the attack against the feminists, but claim they were the victims – as they always do -, though they were the ones who stabbed the feminists.

“Nazism and racism in all its forms must be opposed, whether in Parliament or on the streets.The threat these groups spread is real and present in many ways, tonight was unfortunately a manifestation of it. Keeping the streets a space free of Nazi and racist expressions, protesting against Nazis and racists when they meet, is a necessity and has always been a necessity. The right-wing violence is serious and should be taken seriously. We stand in solidarity for the future and continue the fight.” With this call, 2,000 people demonstrated against the nazi attack in Malmo on Sunday. Danish anti-racists came to Malmo to protest in solidarity with their injured comrades.


Gathered around La Mano, a statue dedicated to the Spanish Revolution of 1936-1939, antifascist in Stockholm demonstrated against the recent Nazi violence against their comrades.

Solidarity demonstrations also took place in Lund, Umeå, Uppsale, Stockholm and Gothenburg. They chanted that “Anti-fascism is self-defense.” ”Nazism is not to be discussed, but fought,” said one of the demonstrators. “By all means,” replied another.

”The attack on the 8th of March demonstrators can’t be seen as an isolated incident. The arson attack on Kvarnby peoples high school in October 2013 was only the beginning of an escalation in nazi violence around Malmö. Left wing locales and premises have been exposed to graffiti and broken windows. In January a 16 year old member of SSU (Sweden’s Socialdemocratic Youth organisation) was attacked by two men, warning her about spreading her views. In several other places and cities nazis have been identified registering participants in demonstrations during International Women’s Day.” Source

”Now we have – once again – seen evidence that right-wing extremism is and remains the only truly dangerous political movement in Sweden – a deadly threat to immigrants, LGBTQ people and leftists.” Source

@ARautiainen  posted this furious message on twitter: ”Now lets guess how many hours it will take for liberals to remind us about the threat of “ultra-left violence“.” It is a very justified message since liberals always attack antifa, blaming them for trying to prevent the nazis’ violence.

“It is shocking that the assault in Malmö is described as a fight between left-and right-wing extremists. We have increasingly seen the human rights activists and protesters be labeled as “extremists”, every time the Nazis are attacking them”,  instead of being called ”people who are fighting for the basic rights being attacked by Nazis,” wrote this journalist who is calling out politicians’ tolerance towards the far-right violence.

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Antifa demo in Malmo, 9th March, 2014.

”Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said in a recent interview on Swedish Radio’s P1 channel that the Swedes Party’s sister party Svoboda are “European democrats who work for values that are ours”. This minimization and normalization of fascist parties has given the Swedes Party and their “Ukraine Volunteers” the belief that they have a free pass for their violent acts. Not only the Security Service, but also the ordinary police have ignored the far-right violence, by depicting the murder attempt as a “gang war” between “opponents on opposite fringes”. This comes less than half a year after police ignored warnings that a similar nazi party, Svernska Motståndsrörelsen (The Swedish Resistance Movement), planned to attack the anti-racist demonstration in Kärrtorp.” Source



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