Neo-Nazis Attack Klinika Social Center in Prague


During yesterday’s European day of action against Fortress Europe, a group of neo-nazis attacked an anti-racist demonstration in Prague. Afterwards, the attackers had to retreat because of the resistance of many antifascists, and took revenge in the evening by attacking the social center Klinika in Prague with molotov cocktails.

In a the video below you can see a man talking with riot police officers, and one of the neo-nazis that attacked the demonstration. Witnesses stated the individual without mask coordinated the attacks against the demonstration with a chief of police.

After a few minutes the nazis had to retreat again, as they had no chance against the defiant resistance of antifascists who were about to start a counter attack to defend the demonstration. The police did not arrest any of the neo-nazis who were involved in the attack against the demonstration.

Damage after the attack at the Klinika social center in Prague.

Damage after the attack at the Klinika social center in Prague.

In the evening, the autonomous social center Klinika was attacked in the Czech capital. A group of about 25 nazis attacked the building with stones and molotov cocktails. One of the stones was thrown in a room with about 20 people inside. One person was hit and had to be treated at the hospital for a head injury. Klinika published a statement in which the autonomous collective wrote that the Firebomb attack against Klinika and the attack against the demo were likely carried out by the same individiduals. The group was seen as they took a tram in the direction of Klinika.

During the day of action against Fortress Europe, people demanded open borders. There were many actions and demonstrations across the continent with thousands of participants.

The damage at the social center Klinika after it was attacked y neo-nazis.

The damage at the social center Klinika after it was attacked y neo-nazis.

The xenophobic Pegida movement responded with an international action day against refugees, but the racist movement faced heavy resistance. In Amsterdam, the xenophobic Pegida demo was stopped by the mayor of the Dutch capital after clashes between Ajax soccer fans who shouted anti-racist slogans and participants of the Pegida demo. There where also counter protests against Pegida demos in Graz (Austria), Dresden (Germany) and many other European cities. In Dublin, antifa groups managed to block the Pegida demonstration.


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