Nazis Attack Antifa Demo in Stockholm, and Stab 2 People



At least 2 people, protesting racism, were injured by Nazis who attacked a peaceful demonstration in Kärrtorp, Stockholm, earlier today.


Demonstrators who were attacked say the police did not attempt to stop the Nazis until it was too late.

Some 30 cops were deployed. Kjell Lindgren from the Stockholm police claims there is no reason to sustain witnesses’ reports that the police hesitated to stop the Nazi attack. At least two cops were also hit by stones and taken to the hospital. Images right from the middle of the attacked demonstrators, here:

28 aggressors were arrested, one for attempted murder, according to the police, who stopped searching for attackers. SMR later announced that all their Nazis were arrested.


Other images from the attack here:

A few hundred people gathered to protest a nazi-drawing that has appeared all over the city in the past months.
The organizers say between 500 – 800 persons participated in the antifa demo. Other sources say there were about 200 people.


As the rally started, people were suddenly attacked by black-clad Nazis. The militant Neo-nazi organisation Svenska motståndrörelsen/Swedish Resistance Movement writes on their website that around 30 of their members marched in to break up the peaceful anti-nazi demonstration.

Demonstrators say the nazis threw bottles, stones, and firecrackers. Elin Bengtsson was walking through the demo when nazis came running and pushed her into a nearby shop and locked the door. Then, uproar broke out. Jenny, one of the anti-racist demonstrators explained how the participants got together and began to chase away the nazi invaders. “They were chased into the woods behind Kärrtorps sports,” she said.
Maria Stark witnessed the drama from her window, and when the nazis attacked she said people started to scream at them: “No racists on our streets!”

Elin Bengtsson describes them as “well organized and coming in a straight line. “I feel angry, partly over how much violence they bring, and I’m angry that you can’t have a peaceful demo. I’m shocked to see how well established they seem to be.”

Demonstrators called the local media, Aftonbladet, and criticized the police for poor attendance when the rally began. Kjell Lindgren claims that the police did not think anyone would attack the participants.
At 13 o’clock the violence ebbed out, and participants were able to complete the rally. Jenny, one of the demonstrators said: “It’s fantastic that so many dare to stand up (against racism).”

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