National Day of Action on Climate Change – October 14


More than 40 Cities Organizing Actions


People’s Climate March NYC – 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – One year ago, in the largest climate change action in history, more than 400,000 diverse groups of people from around the world joined together for the People’s Climate March in New York City. Building on the success of that march, the People’s Climate Movement announced that October 14th will be a National Day of Action on climate change in more than 40 cities (and growing) around the country.

“The march last year was never about one day, one action or one event. It was, and still is, about expanding the climate movement to include economic justice groups, indigenous communities, the labor movement, faith groups, students, civil rights organizations, immigrant rights groups and regular people,” said Paul Getsos, National Coordinator of the People’s Climate Movement. “To that end, in just one year we have seen amazing success.”

Since last year’s march, there have been dozens examples from around the country where the leaders on fighting climate change are not your typical environmental organizations.“In the prairie lands, there are a number of communities – native and non-native – talking about the road to Paris and how we can influence the debate ahead of the talks. We need to lift up frontline communities, often those least responsible for CO2 emissions, and let world leaders know that communities are suffering due to inaction on climate change,” said Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network and founder of the Climate Justice Alliance.

People_Climate_March_NYC___Flickr_-_Photo_Sharing__535_312This announcement comes just six weeks before the international climate talks in Paris and offer a critical opportunity for climate activists new and old to make their voices heard and tell world leaders that they demand strong action on climate change. “I was inspired by last year’s march and grassroots groups in Miami have already had an impact with our mayor agreeing to invest in fighting climate change,” said Kaydrianne Young, an organizer with New Florida Majority. “This October 14, we are going to have a vibrant, diverse parade in with hundreds of people turning out to spread the message.”

The faith community is also engaging in the fight. “Faith communities know that the earth is a gift, and we’re all responsible to protect it. We can take a huge step towards a zero poverty, 100 percent renewable future if world leaders do what’s right this December in Paris, said Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director of GreenFaith.

The labor movement is also engaged in the fight. “The Peoples Climate March helped raise the awareness that the same political forces that refuse to transform our economy through raising wages and benefits and protecting human services, are also responsible for preventing the enactment of laws and policies that would lower carbon emissions,” said Lynne Dodson, Secretary-Treasurer of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

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