Moral Monday Protesters Occupy Georgia Capitol To Block Attacks On Working People

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Georgia Capitol occupied in civil disobedience act to block bills attacking vulnerable people and women. #MoralMondayGA #RiseUpGA

Activists occupied Georgia Capitol to stop legislators’ from blocking the Medicaid expansion, restrict reproduction rights, and instead extend the stand your ground law. Hundreds of people protested in front of the Capitol, chanting: “The people united will never be defeated!”


Dozens entered the State Senate, occupied governors’ office, blocked Senate doors and later disrupted the senate session shouting at legislators: “Our lives matter.”


Speechless Senators listening to people occupying their session shouting at them: “The people united will never be defeated!”

Police arrested 39 protestors in three consecutive rounds. With each round of arrests, activists were more determined to block the legislative attacks on the vulnerable people and women.


Activists are part of The Moral Monday coalition and are asking people to meet at the county jail to show solidarity with those arrested in their act of civil disobedience:  “I work with homeless people. I’m here because without the expansion of medicaid people will die,” said reverend Ed Loring.

#MoralMondayGA #RiseUpGA


Georgia Capitol occupied: activists fighting to force the Senate expand Medicaid and to defend women from laws’ attacks.

Senators were perplexed at their protest, as police rushed in to detain the protestors and take them out of the hall.



Protestors held banners reading „Our lives matter” and relentlessly shouted at the speechless Senators: “The people united were never be defeated!”

„Today was an historic day under the gold dome, as hundreds of Georgians took action to mark the 39th day of a legislative session that has seen unprecedented attacks on hard working Georgians.

Fed up with a list of bad legislation- from blocking Medicaid expansion (leaving 650,000 people without access to healthcare), to restricting womens’ right to choose (even in the case of rape or incest), or expanding Stand Your Ground and allowing guns to be carried in bars, churches, and even schools- people from across the state convened on the capitol or took to social media to express their frustration at Georgia’s radical extreme agenda. The hashtag #RiseUpGA- used by people throughout the day to post live updates- gained traction making the national trending list for topics on twitter.” See details here.

“The sadness, that we have, is that some of the people who come to see us, we can’t help them because they don’t have enough money to afford a health insurance plan,” Warnock said. “But, they are not quite poor enough to receive Medicaid.” Source



„SB 98 will harm the health and safety of women and their families all over the state. It aims to take away coverage from people who want, need, and who, in many cases, have already purchased coverage.Families may have elected to include comprehensive coverage, and are planning to have children, counting on their insurance to cover unforseen medical needs.This is the essence of what insurance does.” Source

„Georgia is one of several states that have refused federal financing to expand Medicaid, the federal health insurance program for poor and disabled patients. A bill under consideration by the State Senate on Tuesday seeks to reinforce that position and repudiate the Affordable Care Act. “We have people dying every day just because they don’t have access to health care,” Shayna Adelman, 32, said in an interview before she was arrested. “It’s morally repugnant to me. Sometimes you have to take dramatic action to get people’s attention.”” Source

Joel Solow ‏@joelfrominwood: ”Excited for all the badasses at @MoralMondayGA taking a stand and fighting for health, voting rights, reproduction rights #RiseUpGA.”


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