Montenegro: Couple Thousand Attend Oppositions Anti-Government Protests


Photo: Prelević

Minor clashes ensued in Podgorica, Montenegro, when a few thousand protesters gathered Sunday on an anti-government protest organized by opposition party Democratic Front (DF).

Protesters have set an ultimatum to Montenegro Prime Minister Milo Đukanović – establish a transitional government until next Saturday or as the leader of DF said “whole Montenegro will come to the protests”.

Protests started around 18 hours when some protesters lit flares. They chanted “Milo thief” and “Milo murderer”.

MP’s of the opposition led the protesters trough the Street of Freedom in Podgorica to the building of the Police ministry. While protesters were close to the Assembly building, some of them started throwing rocks, bottles and flares at police, which responded by using teargas.

One protester was injured, but not seriously, while police said in a statement that six officers were injured.

Montenegran media reports that among those who threw flares at the police, there were several small groups of masked men. One video shows some demonstrators trying to stop masked men from using violence.

Protesters dispersed after Nebojša Mladojević, one of the leaders of DF, asked them to leave and to “get ready for Saturday”.

After protests ended, a group of masked men stoned the building where Television Pink is located, injuring journalist Ivana Drobnjak. Police arrested one 36-year-old man and said that they’re working to indentify others from this group.

Sunday’s protests come the day after clashes between several hundred demonstrators and police which have seen six police officers and at least several protesters injured, while 11 persons were arrested, including some of the leaders of the opposition groups.

Opposition in Montenegro is asking for the resignation of PM Milo Đukanović and the forming of a transitional government and new elections.


Photo: Prelević


Photo: Prelević


Photo: Prelević

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