Montel Williams Calls Fast Food Workers Stupid on Twitter


Montel Williams has been praised recently in the liberal and “alternative” media for vowing to “take up arms” against a hypothetical Donald Trump presidency, in which Trump somehow enacts his plan to make Muslim people wear ID badges.

It seems that he’s not exactly the ally liberals are looking for, especially considering his recent Tweet calling fast food workers stupid, potential Trump supporters:

Montel may not have known, but among those he tweeted nasty responses to was a Ferguson activist who he was particularly dismissive to on Twitter:

He was put in his place again by another user for being an utter hypocrite:

Both women noticed a common theme, and noted his writing for Fox:

Montel tweeted this bizarre Tweet yesterday, where he calls a spam bot a “hooker.”

This is not his first act of misogyny towards black women. Recently, he wrote a lengthy post on social media to defend a white college student who responded to a Yik Yak post that read #BlackWomenMatter with, “They do, they’re just not hot.” Montel defended the student, saying that what he said was “not racist” and had a “lapse in good judgement.”

Clearly the man has deeply rooted issues with misogyny, particularly against black women. To boot, he is a snake oil salesman. He wears the facade of a civil rights figure that is pro-medical marijuana, against money in politics, and so anti-racist he’s even willing to pick up arms to defend Muslims from hypothetical ID badges. This is the logical end of identity based politics – capitalists pretending to be “civil rights” leaders, backed by liberal media. Only in America.

It may seem confusing that such a reactionary and misogynistic man has gotten so much love from the liberal media, but not to revolutionary socialists. After all, liberals are still capitalists at the end of the day, a point summed up perfectly by this one Tweet:

As for Montel, hopefully even liberals can agree that he’s problematic after this, but we’ll see about that. Meanwhile, Montel says he stands by his remarks:

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