Monsanto Rejected in Río Cuarto, Argentina


Mayor Juan Jure of Río Cuarto, Argentina has rejected the installation of a new Monsanto plant in his city. Similar plans to those underway in Malvinas were in the works for Río Cuarto but local resistance from neighbors and opposition groups have helped stop the plans dead in their tracks.


Asamblea por un Río Cuarto Sin Agrotóxicos along with other neighbors and social organizations played a decisive role in the decision of the municipality. Collective participation in opposition efforts to install a new Monsanto plant helped unmask that Monsanto was building its new plant in Río Cuarto under the name of local company Foc Seed. Foc Seed complained to the municipality of the illegality of the construction and the invalidity presented in the environmental impact study. Mayor Jure announced his decision is final and irrevocable.



Asamblea por un Río Cuarto Sin Agrotóxicos stated, “We consider that the policy decision of the Mayor was one that should be taken since the mode in which Monsanto sought to do business engaged in gross illegality, ignoring and violating fundamental provincial and national laws.”


Mayor Jure acknowledged his decision was influenced by meetings he held with various organizations and institutions in Río Cuarto and mentioned the resolution issued by the Council de la Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto last year. He also based the rejection on what is happening in other places, in reference to the camp in Malvinas which is now in place for two months.



Asamblea por un Río Cuarto Sin Agrotóxicos considers this “a fundamental precedent to support and reinforce the struggle that is being developed in Malvinas, Argentina. With the NO to Monsanto in Río Cuarto, NO to Monsanto in Malvinas must be inexorable.”


Ecos Cordoba spoke with a member of Asamblea por un Río Cuarto Sin Agrotóxicos who expressed joy and surprise over the decision, but made it clear that this resolution is due to the long process of struggle and complaint for the refusal of the installation of Monsanto that is ongoing and growing in popularity.



Asamblea por un Río Cuarto Sin Agrotóxicos adds, “This is a triumph of the people, a social and political conquest built from the bottom up which shows us the role that communities have in the decisions on our lands and in defense of our sovereignty.”


A march and cultural festival will be held this Tuesday, November 26 from the center square of Río Cuarto to celebrate the victory and ratify the rejection of Monsanto.

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