Minneapolis Police Pepper Spray a 10yr Old at Tony Robinson Solidarity March


Minneapolis – People gathered at Hennepin County Government Center Plaza to hold a solidarity rally & protest for 19yr old Tony Robinson who was shot and killed by police. It was announced yesterday that charges would not be brought against the officer who killed Tony Robinson, sparking today’s event.

People held a peaceful rally at the park, speaking about the injustices on the black community and remembering loved ones lost to police violence before beginning on a march that also went along peacefully for hours.

10yr old Taye at the beginning of the rally.

Despite the police escort, at two different times people tried to run their cars through the march.

People marched to the police precinct and burned an American Flag. Police did not intervene and the march continued on after.

Video captures the moments when police started to use pepper spray on everyone.  – Video recorded by Idris Nero Mahdi Video of moments after the initial spray and Taye recovering in the nearby hotel lobby.

We spoke with Susan Montgomery the mother of 10yr old Dyvonte (Taye) to ask her what happened. Do you know why the police sprayed the first time? Was there any warning given or command to leave the road?

I personally do not. I heard nothing. I was standing a few feet from him. I saw a car that was not fully stopped, so I think some protestors were upset, rightfully so. They started getting close to his car to check him out, we all were looking back to see. While trying to move on I called my son’s name, and said come on, but there was so much commotion. Within seconds. A squad car comes rushing in with sirens. An officer just starts spraying. My son was already trying to run but people were running into him and he got sprayed so he could not see. He was screaming bloody murder.

He was worried that he could not find me. I was trying to than get him far from the crowd, and other activists helped me gather close to him. After we saw the police were not backing down & how many more people were hit, someone carried him into the hotel for me. We found milk 4 his eyes.

How is he doing now?

He is doing a lot better. He cried for some time. Was asking “why did they do this to me mom and why do the police hate us and what did I do wrong?” I just said, you didn’t do anything. You are a warrior. You fight for justice. You want change and you demonstrated peacefully. His eyes are swollen a bit, very bloodshot, cant get to sleep yet because his face is on fire he says. I want to say or hope the officer “didn’t see him”, but if it is the cop I am thinking of, he saw my son several times.

What gets me is,(earlier) there was a group burning 2 or 3 flags in front of the police precinct. Not one cop did crap. In fact some of them laughed, smoked cigs and video taped on cell phones. P.S. I did not let my son partake in that motion, we stood back on the sidewalk for that part.
Non the less, we go back to marching and around the corner we are near a fancy hotel, traffic, stores and cop wants to show out now?

We we’re able to contact Mica Grimm @micamaryjane who was at the protest and tweeted out events as they happened. We asked the same question. Do you know why the police sprayed the first time? Was there any warning given or command to leave the road?

A car tried to drive thru protesters, several stepped in front to stop it from hitting people. A cop car saw what happened and rolled up with its sirens on. The action captain asked folks to move on and then the cops started macing people away from the car. No warning was given whatsoever.

People reported seeing this officer with his mace out right when the march started. They said he was looking for a reason to use it.

The Minneapolis Officer has been identified as Raymond Witzman badge number 7839. CE8Xih5UIAAZYEC  CE8XhVGVIAAAZRt

A protest is planned for 7pm Thursday Hennepin County Government Center Plaza. Solidarity march against police abuse #Justice4Taye.





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