Milwaukee WI: Justice For Brandon Johnson, Three Years Later


“On October 3, 2012 Brandon was taken away to the Mental Health Complex in Milwaukee Wisconsin by police and never returned home. Three days into his stay, Brandon died from neglect while in a state of paralysis. However, Brandon walked into the facility, not paralyzed. Brandon repeatedly asked for help, stating that he was paralyzed and needed to be taken to the hospital across the street – but was told that I was all in his head. When the medical examiner released his report it stated that Brandon had a broken neck and back. Brandon suffered from deep vein thrombosis, a clot in one of his legs, and ultimately died from a pulmonary embolism when the clot broke loose and traveled to his lungs” ~Coalition For Justice~


Brandon Johnson Born 1-9-87, killed by police 10-6-12 Rest In Power!

Today the Family of Brandon Johnson joined with The Milwaukee Coalition For Justice and Maria Hamilton of  Mothers for Justice to demand the permanent closure of the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division. Their list of demands also includes that failed local leaders such as Milwaukee County Executive, Chris Abele, step down and move aside so that the community can make way for a new facility, under new leadership, which needs to be built within the inner community. Organizers demand that this new facility provide people with the proper care they need in this city that has been plagued with negative police dealings in regards to people with mental health needs.


Milwaukee Wisconsin 10-6-15: Justice for Brandon Johnson

As the life of Brandon Johnson was remembered today, the life of Milwaukee resident Dontre Hamilton was also remembered with very heavy hearts. Dontre also suffered from mental illness and was shot 14 times by Milwaukee Police officer Christopher Manney on April 30th 2014 while breaking no laws. Dontre was simply sleeping while black at The Red Arrow Park in the United States of America.


Dontre Hamilton born on 1-20-83, killed by police 4-30-14 Rest In Power!

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