Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Claims BLM and ISIS are “Joining Forces”


Some bizarre statements made by Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke, suggesting Black Lives Matter will “join forces with ISIS” have sparked nationwide outrage. Clarke smears Black Lives Matter activists on a regular basis. In a recent interview with Fox & Friends, Clarke described BLM as black slime, miscreants, and sub-human creeps. He went on to say that the message portrayed by Black Lives Matter is “crazy talk and ignorance in its purest form.”

Clarke also claims there is no police brutality in America. He told Fox & Friends that “we ended police brutality back in the 60’s.” Sheriff David Clarke said that the Black Lives Matter movement, in general is garbage and described it as a subversive movement.

Defamation of Black Lives Matter activists seems to be a favorite pastime for the Milwaukee County Sheriff but attempting to link BLM with ISIS terrorists – without proof – is particularly negligent.

Clarke showboats his ignorance with Fox News

Clarke makes the rounds in the right-wing media echo chamber. He gives interviews to outlets like Fox & Friends and The Blaze which then get laundered through every conservative blog on the internet. His twitter timeline is a barrage of right wing talking points peppered with smears of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We interviewed several community organizers in Milwaukee to hear some local opinions about David Clarke. Outspoken community organizer and activist, Khalil Coleman from Milwaukee, WI thinks Clarke’s statements regarding BLM and ISIS are foolish.

Everyday our life matters and I don’t have to be part of no group to believe and know that my/our life matters. David Clarke, calls “BlackLivesMatter -BlackLiesMatter” like what? Are you ashamed to be Black, are you not Black? So all your experience in America as a Black man has been a lie? Well, I doubt that deeply, because there are many Whites (and Blacks now) who dislike you. I also shared how everyday I’m in a classroom, after school center, or detention center looking a little child in the face who looks like me, trying to get them to believe in themselves, where a system has already deemed them worthless, and you go on television and say to all America, Blacks Lie? What about my/our life is a lie Mr. Sheriff? The fact that in your very own city it’s the worst place to be Black (check the stats)? Oh yea, MPS is soon to be developing a #BlackLivesMatter curriculum too, so sheriff you saying these educational instructors are a lie?

If we really mattered we wouldn’t have liquor stores and tobacco stores and fast food stores on every corner in the Black community. It wouldn’t be a problem for us to love ourselves enough to say Black Lives Matter. See, but me saying that doesn’t mean I hate others, but you saying All Lives Matter is an attempt to deny mine.

So what’s the real solution? The real solution is do for each other, build up each other, protect each other, and stand up so you can have a voice. Make yourself/each other matter! When we mean more to each other, we can stop the impact of what one man may say, and it being a depiction of our whole life.

And ISIS… Do I even have to respond to what a foolish similarity that is (but I did mention to the media rendition and how back when “Occupy” movement started, they labeled that a terrorist organization. And how same in this case, but more in an attempt to silence activist and kill off the people (just like they did with cointelpro))? Like us mattering is a huge plot to over throw the government… Like damn, we gotta do all that to matter (and I still don’t get it if some people are asking if they matter or demanding that they matter)? I don’t even wanna matter to you then… and oh yea, you’re Black sheriff Clarke, your life matters too. And you don’t have to fit in to matter! And when we can stop denying that, that BlackLivesMatter, then we can say AllLivesMatter. – Khalil Coleman, Milwaukee, WI

We also spoke with Milwaukee community organizer and activist, Angela Nicole Walker about David Clarke’s comments:

Sheriff Clarke is known for his misguided and incendiary rhetoric and actions. This is the same individual who sent his deputies to another municipality rather than provide a security detail for the President of the United States. His comments on Black Lives Matter protesters simply illustrate the sheriff’s willingness to demonize people who have already been harmed and marginalized by systemic racism and oppression. It doesn’t take any courage to do this, and we in Milwaukee County are all too familiar with Clarke’s viciousness towards the Black community to gain political points with conservatives. – Angela Nicole Walker, Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee civil rights activist Mary Watkins calls Clarke “repugnant”:

Frankly, I believe that Sheriff Clarke, though repugnant, is merely a symptom of the flawed pathology that is (so-called) our justice system. I’m less troubled by his asinine remarks about Sandra Bland than his ambivalence regarding beatings and deaths in-custody at the Milwaukee County Jail. – Mary Watkins, Milwaukee WI

Sheriff David Clarke may have no credibility in his local community but his influence in right wing media can’t be understated. People actually believe this crap. Associating Black Lives Matter activists with ISIS is of course ridiculous. Invoking the name of ISIS probably get lots of clicks and RTs – but it is an extremely irresponsible and reckless claim to float with zero evidence, especially for someone in law enforcement like David Clarke.


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