Military Police Murder Unarmed Injured Man on Public Street In-front of Crowd


Victoria County, 180 km from Sao Luis, Brazil, dozens of people witnessed the murder of Irialdo Battle on the public streets at the end of yesterday afternoon, Thursday, 5/28. A terrifying scene that will not soon be forgotten by the locals. The incident occurred near the square of Our Lady of Nazareth near the city of Viana.

Lying injured from a gunshot already, sprawled out with open arms, Irialdo Battle, dressed in jean shorts and red shirt, agonizes along the roadside, being observed by dozens of people.

People around the man argued that he is still alive, when a person comes over and puts his hand on the victim’s neck to see if his heart is still beating: “The guy is breathing,” says the resident.

When suddenly appears a man wearing black boot’s, military pants and with gun in hand, a member of the military police. He steps on the head of the wounded man, pushing from one side to the other. Upon realizing that the semi unconscious victim is still alive, without hesitation he shoots the fallen man directly in the face, firing twice at close range.

The scary scene surprising the dozens of witnesses who went running in panic in fear for their lives.

This video is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC – Warning

The victims relatives deny the Ministry of Public Security version of events. They say that Irialdo and his friend were drinking at a nearby bar and when leaving they were called to stop by an unmarked vehicle. They continued on, because they did not recognize the vehicle and the military police began to fire on Irialdo and his friend leading to the injuries and the reason for Irialdo laying on the side of the road semi conscious.

The Ministry of Public Security states that Military Police were responding to a call of two suspects committing a robbery when they started chasing Irialdo and his friend who were riding bikes.



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