Mexico: Valor por Tamaulipas Facebook Page Receives 30 Day Ban


Valor por Tamaulipas recently tweeted that they received a 30 day ban on their Facebook page of 478,000 fans for posting pictures of armed men.

“Forced vacation, the VxT Facebook page has been locked for 30 days, because I should not post pictures of armed people.”

Valor por Tamaulipas social media accounts act as a virtual crime watch for citizens of Tamaulipas Mexico where organized crime and gang violence have escalated into all out street wars in recent months. Besides posting daily notices on kidnappings and murders, Valor por Tamaulipas posts alerts for dangerous situations in various cities within the state of Tamaulipas. Locals check the accounts on a regular basis for personal safety and report crimes to the page for dissemination to the public.

Citizens in Tamaulipas have developed a coded warning system to publish news via facebook and twitter that is very effective in spreading information. No doubt these codes help save lives by giving advanced notice of criminal activity by location. Hashtags are combined with certain codes and followed by the city affected. For example #SDRTampico means there is a risky situation in the city of Tampico.

SDR = Situación de Riesgo (situation of risk)
PSDR = Posible Situación de Riesgo (Possible situation of risk)
FFAAS = Fuerzas Armadas (armed forces)
GA = Gente Armada (armed people)
CO = Crimen Organizado (organized crime)
Hs = Guardias o Halcones (or Ghs) (guards or hawks)
PVD = Punto de Venta de Droga (point of sale for drugs)
Polimilitar = public security carried out by military
PET = Policía Estatal (state police)
SSPM = Policía Municipal (municipal police)

We have not been able to contact the page or twitter account yet and we’ve been told the admins rarely speak with people outside of their personal circle of trusted contacts due to previous death threats they’ve received. Those of us who have gone to Facebook jail know that bans are rarely lifted and appeals are fairly useless. Closing this Facebook page down will endanger the lives of citizens in Tamaulipas.

It is highly doubtful that fans who follow this page would have reported any images as violating Facebook community standards. They see dead bodies on a regular basis and all understand that this page is meant as a warning system for concerned citizens.

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