Mexico: Tens of Thousands Protest the Disappearance of 43 Missing Students


Mexico: Massive protests took place on October 8 in at least 25 Mexican states along with solidarity protests in various international cities demonstrating against the attack and disappearance of 43 normalistas from Ayotzinapa that took place September 26 in Iguala, Guerrero. Officials said 15,000 people protested in Mexico City although organizers said it was more like 30,000 people.

“Support worldwide after the Mexican government disappeared 43 students”

The families of 43 normalistas that disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero, protested in Mexico City and around the country to demand the authorities return their children alive. The people supporting them chanted the slogan: “Vivos Se Los Llevaron Vivos Los Queremos” (They were taken alive, we want them alive.)


“We are students, we are not the enemy,” – Pedro David García López, one of the young normalistas who escaped the mass arrests made by local police.

Zapatistas participated in a silent protest in solidarity with the missing students and released a statement supporting the normalistas saying, “Your pain is our pain, your rage is also ours.”

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Several international protests took place October 8 including marches in NYC, Berlin, Madrid, Argentina, London, Bolivia and Norway.

Protest in front of the Mexican embassy in Berlin

“#JusticiaParaAyotzinapa because being students or journalists is not a crime.”
(Sign says: In Mexico being a journalist or a student are high risk activities)

Authorities in Mexico have not yet released more information regarding the clandestine graves that were discovered in Iguala stating they will wait for DNA testing before making any announcements whether or not the remains found in the mass graves are those of the normalistas kidnapped by police and executed by the cartel Guerreros Unidos. We will continue to follow developments in Mexico and keep you posted.

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