Mexico Marches Against New Internet Censorship Laws



“They want to censor the only free environment,”said Daniel Hernandez, Polytechnic student, who march in a contingent of about 500 people, that Thursday afternoon manifest in the DF, against possible restrictions against the Internet in Mexico-as proposed in the initiative of secondary legislation in telecommunications Currently being deliberated by Congress.

Daniel says that for almost two decades he has surfed the web, where at first he discovered “games”, but then a world of information, which we “can all learn” and achieve personal growth through “extensive searches. ”

Young says that under the “pretext of national security,” the government intends to exercise control of the web during times of unrest, as there is certain information that “may stir up the masses.”


Article 145, section III of the telecommunications bill sent by President Enrique Peña Nieto Senate states that “authorized dealers who provide the internet access service (…) can block access to certain content, applications or services at the specific request of the user, except upon order of authority or contrary to any regulation. ”

Similarly, Article 197, Section VII proposes ” block, inhibit or reverse temporarily telecommunications signals in critical events and places for public and national security at the request of the competent authorities . ”

These and other proposals of the Executive were analyzed by Clara Luz Álvarez, who points-about the possible censorship the internet-that the wording “does not define who they are competent authorities , or whether to mediate warrant, nor establishes the limits within which the authorities must justify blocking signal warrants. “


“This may be a mechanism to prevent a demonstration for journalists, media and society to disseminate information in violation of the right to information and freedom of expression , people to join the demonstration to the detriment of the fundamental right of freedom of association, among a myriad of risks to human rights “, he said.

Besides rejecting any “censorship” to the internet, Protestants reject to giving more power to the Interior Ministry, and cries against Peña … and against Televisa heard.

“Mexico-without-PRI”, “PAN or PRI-ni-ni-PRD-united the people against the power-” “No more censorship-no more control, no power-television”, “outside Televisa” , “Peña-rogue-networks do not shut up,” broach groups.

@valehamel Assange and Snowden present in todays rally in Mexico City against an authoritarian telecom law

@valehamel Assange and Snowden present in todays rally in Mexico City against an authoritarian telecom law

A letter signed by the “anti-capitalist, socialist and revolutionary youth” blade, which came out against the proposed secondary legislation Peña has dealt.

“This law allows, among other things, internet censorship … this law is part of the climate of spying , censorship and repression that has advanced rapidly … showing that governments are willing to cut the basic democratic freedoms to contain and suppress social discontent. Protests of 2011 (from Tunisia to Egypt and the # Yosoy132 in Mexico) showed the use that could be given to social networks for mass mobilization against authoritarian governments and is why EPN increased censorship, espionage and repression with this new law, “reads the paper, they intend to do more than get-hands to the ears of Mexican legislators.

Comentarios Iniciativa EPN – Puntos básicos – CLARA LUZ – 4abril2014 – FINAL



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