Mexico: GIEI Forensic Experts Report Disputes Government’s Version of Ayotzinapa Case


The Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (“GIEI” Grupo Interdisciplinario de Expertos Independientes) of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) submitted its final report today on what exactly happened in Iguala on 26 September 2014. Their main conclusion is that there was no fire in the Cocula landfill where, according to the government’s official version of events, members of Guerreros Unidos cartel executed 43 normalista students after they were forcibly disappeared by municipal police.

According to members of the GIEI, evidence was fabricated and therefore the version of the federal government is in question. Expertise videos made ​​by the experts in Cocula were presented, according to its conclusion it appears that there is evidence of the involvement of the military in more than the PGR.

Some of the new evidence presented shows there was no proof of a fire in the Cocula landfill. Evidence of a fifth bus that was previously not included in the PGR’s investigation was also presented. The GIEI report called for an investigation in regards to the fifth bus as there is little clarity about its information and discussed the possibility that the students may have inadvertently expropriated a bus that was being used to traffic narcotics.

“This report provides an utterly damning indictment of Mexico’s handling of the worst human rights atrocity in recent memory,” said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch. “Even with the world watching and with substantial resources at hand, the authorities proved unable or unwilling to conduct a serious investigation.”

GIEI found no evidence linking the normalista students to Los Rojos, another cartel in Guerrero. GIEI also called for investigation into the allegations that suspects detained in the Ayotzinapa case were tortured.

The new report presented today by GIEI completely contradicts the PGR’s original version of events and leaves many new questions regarding what happened last September. Here are some of the live tweets from the press conference today:

“Interdisciplinary group visited Cocula landfill with a prestigious independent expert (Jose Torero), due to inconsistency in versions.”

“Version of the fate of #Ayotzinapa normalistas in Cocula dump with many contradictions: Francisco Cox #GIEI”

“A plume of smoke of 280mts d height would have risen from Cocula. Report @GIEIAYOTZINAPA”

“Burning 43 bodies requires 60 hours, says #GIEI @CIDH”

“#Ayotzinapa Expert refutes version of PGR regarding incineration of normalistas in Cocula landfill.”

“Continuous surveillance of the normalistas in Iguala by federal police, state police and Secretary of the Interior (SEGOB)”

“The fifth bus was detained by a federal police patrol.”

“#Ayotzinapa Case: there is a level of coordination that should be researched, says the GIEI”

“State agents in the streets did not protect the normalistas”

“A fifth bus reported by the normalistas was excluded in PGR’s record.”

“To the #GIEI the indiscriminate attack shows the impunity with which the perpetrators of enforced disappearance moved” C. Beristain”

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