Mexico: Federal Police Implicated in Ayotzinapa Attack


Translated from Proceso Iguala: The Unofficial History

Mexico City: Federal Forces participated in the attack on Ayotzinapa students the night of September 26 in Iguala, Guerrero, during which 6 people died and 43 went missing in a series of events that were known in real time by the federal government.

Federal Police forces guard the entrance to new mass graves located in October 2014. Photo: Quadratin

A study carried out with the support of the Investigative Reporting Program of UC Berkeley based on testimonies, videos, unpublished reports and court statements shows that the Federal Police (PF) were actively and directly involved in the attack. The new investigation contradicts previous statements from the PGR.

Furthermore, according to information obtained by Proceso in the Normal School of Ayotzinapa, the attack and disappearance of the students were directed specifically at the ideological and governance structure of the institution, as some of the 43 missing students were part of the Comité de Lucha Estudiantil (Student Action Committee), the highest governing body of the school and 10 of the victims were “political activists in training” of the Comité de Orientación Política e Ideológica (Committee on Political and Ideological Orientation) or COPI.

Until now the official version is that the then mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, ordered the attack, concerned about the possibility that students would interrupt the activity of his wife, María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa, head of Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF).

According to this version, municipal police of Iguala and the adjoining town of Cocula attacked and captured the students, while members of the cartel Guerreros Unidos murdered and burned their bodies, with the lack of federal agents and soldiers in the area. However, the documents and testimony obtained reveal a different story.

Audiovideos captured by witnesses to the attack on normalistas from Ayotzinapa:

An unpublished Guerrero government report – dated in October and delivered to the Secretary of the Interior (SEGOB) over a month ago and obtained by Proceso concerning the events of 26 and 27 September said that the students were monitored by agents of the state and federal governments from the time they left the Normal school facilities in Ayotzinapa.

According to the document, the Control, Command, Communications and Computer Center (C4) of Chilpancingo reported that the normalistas started out from Ayotzinapa towards Iguala at 17:59 hours. At 20:00 the federal and state police arrived at the Chilpancingo-Iguala federal highway, where the students started a highway collection. At 21:22 hours the head of the base of the federal police, Luis Antonio Dorantes, was informed of the entry of young people to the bus station and at 21:40 the Iguala C4 reported the first shooting.

In a press conference on November 7 the prosecutor Jesús Murillo Karam said that federal authorities were not involved in the September 26 attack on the normalistas from Ayotzinapa. The new investigation directly contradicts the official version of events surrounding the September 26 attack in Iguala.



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