Mercosur statement on the situation in Gaza


Translation of statement from dated 29 July 2014

Mercosur: Deep concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation resulting from the conflict in Gaza.


The President of Argentina, the President of the Federal Republic of Brazil, the President of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela vigorously condemned the disproportionate use of force by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, which affects mostly civilians, including women and children. They also condemned any kind of violent actions against civilian populations in Israel.

They expressed deep concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation resulting from the conflict. They urged to strictly respect international law, including the International Law of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

They expressed their support for the Council Resolution on Human Rights regarding Guarantee for the Respect of International Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, approved on 23 July this year, in which context highlights the importance and urgency of investigating all violations of International Humanitarian Law to establish the facts and circumstances of such violations and crimes and identify those responsible.

They called for an immediate lifting of the blockade affecting Gaza’s population, allowing for the free movement of people, the entry of food, medicine and humanitarian aid, both by land and by sea.

They called on the international community to exert adequate pressure for a lasting ceasefire and the prompt restoration of dialogue as the only solution to the conflict, while reiterating its support for a two state solution living in peace and security within internationally recognized borders.

Finally, they supported the peace efforts of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Arab Republic of Egypt.


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