Media report from the October 27th rally in Moscow to free Russian political prisoners


from Left News


A rally in support of Russian political prisoners was held on October 27th in Moscow. Organizers had to fight the state just to get a permit for the rally, and then were told only one day in advance about the 3000 military police and 60 metal detectors that awaited them. In spite of the fact that all those who planned to attend were threatened with military police and long lines, five to ten-thousand supporters were there. Chants from protestors included “plant trees, not environmentalists,” “Our choice is freedom! We’ll return power to the people,” “Crooks and thieves, five minutes to pack,” among other chants calling for the freedom of political prisoners.

A direct quote from Left Front October 27, 2013 in Moscow, “The Frightened Kremlin sent more than 3 thousand special force police. Fighters as escorts against free citizens calling for the immediate release of political prisoners, which have resurfaced in Russia, thanks to Putin’s illegitimate regime.”

Gary Kasparov of the Russian Opposition writes:

“Let’s start with the fact that in any dialogue two parties must be involved. In Russia, the authorities have not demonstrated any willingness to conduct a dialogue with the opposition. If those in power make any changes, these changes are purely decorative in nature, without affecting the fundamental principles of the political regime. In these circumstances, the opposition has no moral right to make any concessions or to soften its position in relation to the regime, as unilateral concessions – is not a compromise but capitulation. The fact is that the only acceptable form of dialogue with the Kremlin is that regarding the surrender of the Putin Regime, I talked about this back in 2005. In the course of such negotiations, only instant concessions from the regime should be considered acceptable. The question is not about revenge, but about holding the representatives of the regime responsible for their crimes. It is the inevitability of such responsibility as one of the essential prerequisites for the rule of law. Today, lost in all sense of reality only demonstrating the intention to cling to power until the end, Putin does not behave like de Klerk or the referendum of Pinochet, but as Assad and Qaddafi. In such circumstances, any talk of dialogue of the authorities and the opposition are meaningless.”




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