McGraw-Hill’s Geography Textbook Says African Slaves Were Paid “Workers”



In a “World Geography” textbook, McGraw-Hill Books re-wrote history in an egregious manner by referring to the African victims of the chattel slave trade in the US as “workers.” Yes, a US textbook given to children in Texas is framing the slave trade as a “pattern of immigration” and implying that African slaves received wages.

This all came to light after the son of Rusty Stiles sent her a picture of the the textbook.

The Atlantic slave trade brought millions of workers…notice the nuanced language there. Workers implies…

Posted by Rusty Styles on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rusty styles posted a video detailing the revolting nature of the textbook.

Take note that the content of this textbook was supposedly peer-reviewed by dozens of academic consultants with PhDs, along with the Texas advisory board – all professionals who supposedly took the time to look over the entire text.

The textbook section is called “Patterns of Immigration,” and says that “One of the defining aspects of the United States is that it is largely a country of immigrants and their decedents, about 13% of the people in the US are foreign born.” It then goes on to refer to English and other European immigrants as “indentured servants who came to work for little or no pay.” Watch the whole video below:

McGraw-Hill Education “came clean” on their Facebook page after Rusty’s video went viral.


So apparently, the future textbooks will be re-printed with accurate terminology. Although, McGraw Hill’s past record of climate change denial and erasure of African slaves has many people skeptical of their ability to properly accomplish the task.

This is absolutely not enough, and activists are demanding that McGraw-Hill follow through with a complete recall and replacement all of of the existing textbooks. Rather than a digital update and a eyebrow raising “we believe we can do better,” McGraw-Hill need to recall and replace this book now. Support the effort to get this heinous textbook out of Texas schools by sharing this article with the hashtag #RecallAndReplace.


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