Maoming China Day 3 of Anti-PX Protests Escalate After Deaths and Violence


For the past three days, residents of Maoming City in Southwest Guangdong have been protesting against a planned PX plant.


On March 30, nearly 10,000 people took to the streets in Maoming City, Guangdong Province, to protest against the PX construction project.

The local government sent police to violently suppress the protests. Sources report that at least 8 people were killed and 83 seriously wounded and over 200 injured. One complete floor of the local hospital was reportedly filled with beaten people. However, this did not have the outcome of ending protests, quite the opposite, it has fuelled and escalated what was demands for dialogue surrounding the PX construction into outrage over the brutal repression people faced.

Video Chronicle tells the real story of events as they unfolded on March 30th. *Graphic*

March 30th Video
Riot police beating a student even after he was lying on the ground. Young woman runs over and falls to her knees to cry for mercy. Police disregard and continued to beat the student.

On March 31, people again gathered at the municipal compound in a standoff with police until around 4 a.m. Authorities did not yield and transferred more SWAT police to the site,which included tanks.

At around 4 p.m.,the police suddenly used violence and began beating protestors,with many severely injured.

The violence shown by the authorities did not deter protestors. On the same evening, thousands of people again gathered in the streets close to the city government compound. People on the scene reported the crowd on the second day to be up to 3 times as many people than the first day.  People were definitely angered by the violence of the day before.

Roadblocks were built and one of the local police stations was burnt down.

The situation worsened during the evening, when police attacked protestors again.

The police continued to use tear gas, smoke bombs and launched high-pressure water cannons. They even shot tear gas at students who were travelling home after finishing night classes. Protestors used stones and bricks to fight back, and several police vehicles were overturned and burned.


Burnt Police outpost the next morning.

Burnt Police outpost the next morning.

Citizens resisting a tear gas attack made to get them to clear the area on March 31st

Ms. Chen,who lives near the city government compound, said that she saw police firing tear gas and beating people.

They also arrested a lot of people. The exact number of arrested is unknown.

Ms.Chen: “Armed police beat people if they gathered together, chasing people everywhere and shooting tear gas. They also gathered all police from places around Maoming, such as Xinyi and Gaozhou.

Tanks from Guangzhou came over as well. Today, there are still protestors, but not as many.”
BkOTcp-CcAA2n_nMs Chan said police were at the roads leading in and out of Maoming. Highways and streets near the government compound are blocked.

Online information shows that on March 31, the Maoming government transferred six bus loads of special force officers and at least 6 tanks from other areas.

At noon on March 31, people in Maoming gathered again at the city government compound.
They confronted thousands of police until around 3 or 4 a.m. the following day.

People described feeling the terror in the air.

Video from March 31st. Short clip of a person being badly beaten by Chinese Police during Anti-PX protests

One netizen stated: “This is the underworld.
They are the underworld wearing uniforms.
We cannot mistake a monkey with a hat as a human being.
We cannot think of this uniformed underworld as the police.”

Police standing over what appear to be very injured, maybe even lifeless bodies.

Police standing over what appear to be very injured, maybe even lifeless bodies of protesters.

Video: Riot police indiscriminately shoot at PX protesters in Maoming China on early morning of April 1st

Maoming Municipal Government announced after the clearance that a small number of demonstrators were instigated by criminals to make trouble in the evening. They reported that police responded quickly and no one died in the incident. Which are all lies.

Maoming authorities also claimed that the demonstrations were illegal, as are any un-permitted demonstration’s in China.

These events were not reported in any major Chinese media, and the search term”Maoming” is banned on microblogs and Wiebo. Rapidly videos and images disappeared from on-line sources.

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily news hotline crashed, as it was overloaded with users accessing information about the Maoming events. Many people in Maoming asked for help to “cross the
border,” telling Apple Daily that they had been repressed.

A Hong Kong resident on a business trip to Maoming wrote on Facebook about his five-hour experience witnessing the violent clearance by police.

“The police fired at people. Some were vomiting and spitting out blood. I realized the terror of the Communist regime.”

Chen Yongmiao,Beijing political expert, describes how the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)has been acting as a dictator in front of the public since it took power in 1949.

It has never changed,always carrying out severe repression. It can’t buy over ordinary people like it does to intellectuals.

Chen Yongmiao: “Its regime is based on violence and tanks. It has always been frightening people by killing. It knows people are a little stronger than intellectuals, so it is more violent toward them.”

On April 1, about 300 people carried out protests against PX in the vicinity of Dongfeng Road, Guangzhou City. Youth from Maoming held banners and slogans.
These protesters also were attacked by police. Some protesters were arrested and put into police cars.

According to online news, students from eight middle schools in Maoming are on strike,undertaking sit-in protests. Apple Daily also revealed that the public is planning a city-wide strike on April 4.

It seems that the protest at Maoming has been suppressed by tanks.
According to reports on a microblog, the CCP leadership has issued a death order.


We will do our best to continue to report on the situation as events unfold.
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