Man Terrorizes Richmond Virginia Church Goers


Richmond Virginia – Richmond Police are still on the scene at United Nations Church in south Richmond, where Bishop Oren Pullings said a man made terroristic threats to the churchgoers during the service, threatening to kill people and calling them niggers.

Details are few as this situation is still developing. What we know so far is that the church goers told local reporters that a man came pounding on the church door yelling threatening slurs and in the wake of yesterday’s mass murder in Charleston many thought he was armed.

Witnesses said the man was armed with a weapon (pic below) that he had in his hand when banging on the door. Rev News asked Local News8 reporter Matthew McClellan if the weapon was some kind of knife and he responded that it appeared to be a piece of plastic, but has since deleted that tweet.

Claudia Rupcich also a News8 reporter tweeted that the man was taken to the local hospital for evaluation. When we asked Rupcich what about these threats would lead to a hospital and not a jail cell, she stated that the man had told police officers that he was off his medication.

This incident marks the third to happen at a predominately black church in under 48 hours. Shots were fired into a Memphis Tennessee church and 9 people were murdered at the Charleston South Carolina AMA church on Thursday evening.

ABC News8 reports:

“I’m gonna kill all you and all you are gonna get killed tonight,” is what witnesses said he was yelling as he banged on a door to the church.

“Immediately after leaving bible study, a man walked up to the church, banging on the door and yelling obscenities, racial slurs and threatening to kill the people inside,” said Bishop Orrin Pullings.

The congregation quickly locked all doors to the church. An on duty-security officer came around, drew her gun and held the man while she called for backup. Richmond Police quickly arrived on scene and tookthe man into custody.

Pullings says the man needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent in light of what happened last night in Charleston, S.C.

Police say the suspect is under an emergency custody order at the Chippenham Medical Center for a mental health evaluation. It is unclear at this time whether the suspect will face charges.

Bishop Oren Pullings gives a brief statement.

A short video shows the man punching the glass on the door.

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