Malvinas Argentina: Police Repression in the name of Monsanto


Malvinas Lucha por la Vida held a march against Monsanto yesterday in the city of Malvinas, Argentina. The purpose of this march was to ask the Mayor of Malvinas, Daniel Arzani to give them a final answer on Monsanto’s status in their city.

1782077_10151870240885728_1346191893_nApproximately 500 people marched to the municipal building in Malvinas to demand an audience with Mayor Arzani. 2 blocks from the building they hit police barricades. Initially police told the protesters that they would escort 2 of them to speak with Mayor Arzani but the crowd intended to march up to the doors of the building. The protesters pushed through the police line and from there the violent repression began. Protesters were hit with tear gas and rubber bullets. More than 10 people were treated for injuries including Javier Astrada from ECOS Cordoba who was covering the march. Javier was hit with several rubber bullets in both legs at close range.


Javier’s leg


Javier showing his press pass

Around 9:30pm the City Council decided to open the doors to allow protesters and a select group of press an audience with the mayor. In front of cameras and microphones, the Assembly demanded the mayor take a similar stance as the decision in Rio Cuarto. According to Celina Mayor Arzani said he has a meeting with Governor De La Sota on Monday and that he basically evaded answering anything definitively regarding Monsanto until then.


Meeting with the Mayor

Revolution News was able to speak via Skype with Celina Molina of Malvinas Lucha por la Vida after she arrived home from the emergency room last night. Celina told us a first hand account of the most serious injury of the evening involving protester Daniela Perez.



Daniela was on the front line of the protest. Shortly after clashes began, the protesters recognized 2 police officers who were out of uniform and mixed in with crowd of protesters. One of the plain clothes cops picked up a large rock and threw it at Daniela hitting her in the head.


Daniela being taken away by ambulance.

Plain clothes policeman who hit Daniela in the head with a rock.

Plain clothes policeman who hit Daniela in the head with a rock.

At first Daniela’s head injury was stitched but when she arrived at the local public hospital for further treatment she fainted in the waiting room. Further tests revealed that she had a blood clot in her brain caused by the injury that required surgery. Daniela was kept overnight under observation. Family and friends were initially advised that San Roque Hospital did not have any beds available to treat Daniela and it was uncertain whether Daniela would receive the operation she needed. Reports today on Facebook said Daniela underwent surgery today and is now in recovery. For More on Daniela’s condition.


One of the Malvinas blockade organizers Sofia Gatica


Video of Malvinas Lucha por la Vida meeting with Mayor Arzani:

Video of police repression in Malvinas:

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