Macedonia: Students March in Skopje Against External Testing

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The photo was taken by Marjan Zabrcanec

Route of the march

Today a few thousand protestors against the external testing were marching through Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. As announced by the Ministry of Education and Science, external testing will be conducted in the form of exam twice: first when the student will complete the second year of study, with questions from all subjects from the previous two years, and again at the end of the fourth year of study. For those who will not pass the exam, it will be the end of their university education.


Students gathering in front of the plateau of the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University from where they started the student march organised by the Student plenum.

Protesters stopped for a while facing the government and chanting “No more silence”.



Support from Professors

Later they continued marching and faced the dormitory “Kuzman Josifoski Pitu” chanting to the students in the dormitory to “Come down”.
They symbolically held a funeral for the Student parliament.




The next target and a final destination of the route of the student march was the Ministry of education where they were chanting “No for external testing”, “No more silence”.
They called the minister of Education to come and meet them, and they asked for his resignation.
The protest passed without any incidents and with a lot of security.