Macedonia Anti-Government Corruption and Police Brutality Protest


Protests have ended without any major incidents. Besides Skoplje, around 1.000 protesters have marched on the streets of Bitolje, second in size city of FYRO Macedonia.

21:50 – At least one person has been arrested for refusing to back up from the government building. Macedonian writes that activist of a “Solidarity” movement has been arrested. Members of football (soccer) fan groups are participating in the protests.

Demonstrators throwing eggs at the building of National Assembly (Video:

21:40 – After police refused to allow protesters to gather around the government building, they left for the building of National Assembly. Around 21 PM, CET time, a group of protesters started throwing eggs at the building  and bottles at the police officers.

Demonstrators are chanting “murderers, murderers”, “no justice – no peace” and “stop police brutality”.

Group of women stood between police and the demonstrators forming human shield to prevent violence.

Masses of Macedonians are gathering in Skoplje, capital of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, for a second day in a row protesting against police brutality and government corruption.

Police made a cordon around the government building and did not allow protesters to gather there. Demonstrators have chanted “resignation” and one of them yelled at the police: “You protect criminals in the government, but you should be supporting citizens who pay your salary.

While passing by, demonstrators have thrown eggs at the building of Ministry of Justice.

Several thousand citizens protested peacefully for hours yesterday in front of the government building in Skoplje, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia before violence & police repression broke out. (more here) Protests erupted after the SDSM exposed a tapped conversation between high government officials regarding the death of a 22 year old Martin Nešovski who has been beaten to death by a police officer in 2011 during public celebration of election win for VMRO.

The phone recording of a conversation between Minister of police Gordana Jankulovska and Prime minister Nikola Gruevski, confirms that the chief of prime ministers security hired the off duty police officer that has beaten Nešovski to death. Also, Jankulovska confirms in recording that Nešovski did not resist arrest.

Right now masses of citizens have gathered again and are marching on Parliament.

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