Luxembourg streik6670: Over 10,000 Students United Against Education Cuts



The national union of Luxembourg students UNEL called for a country-wide strike on April 25, urging school and university students not to go to class in protest against the new student financial aid law.

Saying that they are shocked by the proposal for a reform of the law, put forward by Education Minister Claude Meisch, UNEL has called on teachers to support the strike.

Three protest marches are planned in Luxembourg City, starting at Glacis, the central train station and the Geesseknäppchen campus at 10am. An online petition against the law has also been launched.


Under a new regulation, petitions, which receive more than 4,500 signatures online need to be debated in parliament, with six signatories of the petition invited to speak at the Chamber of Deputies.

UNEL argues that 90 percent of students would be affected by budget cuts under the new law, which regulates the distribution of student financial aid based on location of study and financial background.

Students are eligible for a 6,500 euro loan in addition to a 2,000 grant. Students studying abroad get an additional 2,000 euro mobility stipend and tuition fees of up to 3,500 euros per year can be claimed back. Students from low-income households can apply for an additional 2,500 euros scholarship.

For the latter funds, students from households earning less than 4.5 times the minimum salary can apply. The minimum salary currently stands at 1,921.03 euros per month for employees aged over 18.

Depending on eligibility criteria, students could pocket up to 16,500 euros under the new funding regime.





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