Kyiv Invented Anti-Gay Law to Discredit Eastern Resistance – UPDATED


UPDATED: Kyiv propaganda has invented a law criminalizing homosexuality which they claimed has been adopted by LPR, Luhansk People’s Republic.

This law was allegedly drafted by a LPR deputy, Khokhlov, from the Communist Party. However Borotba activists managed to contact him and he denied that such a law existed or was ever drafted, as Kyiv media claimed. There is no such a draft on the website of the LPR either; such a bill was never adopted, debated, voted or even introduced on the agenda. The source of this lie is a pro-Kyiv nationalist journalist Vsevolod Filimonenko, who wrote a post on his Facebook about it.  Vsevolod  Filimonenko is actually an activist of  one of Ukrainian neo-nazis parties, Radical Party whose leader is Oleh Lyashko.  He is officially the assistant of O. Lyashko. Such lies are constantly used by Kyiv propaganda, based on the fact that nobody questions their assertions in the West, to discredit by any means the resistance in the east towards Kyiv’s state terrorism, and war against the local population in the east of the country, “vatniks”, “internal occupants”, “colorado Beetle”, “genetic scum” or “Moskali” as they refer to them. Below you may see how Kyiv lied about this non-existent law.

Lyashko is one of the most violent, sadistic and popular politicians in Kyiv, he has participated with Azov nazis in taking over Mariupol in June; he was filmed savagely persecuting an old man they captured in Mariupol (anyone is “a terrorist” if Kyiv’s forces say so; this video enraged so badly a Hungarian businessman that he put a ransom on Lyashko’s head.

Lyashko, who is very close to Azov’s nazis, has demanded various politicians be killed and also asked for the killing of people in the east of the country; such statements are proof of patriotism in Ukraine nowadays.

However, there is no outrage in the western media that nazis in Kyiv did try to kill gays, when they attacked them, after the maidan which imposed them as the “vanguard” of the national revolution in Ukraine; there is no attempt to even investigate the attackers.

Maidan nazis attacking gays in Kyiv in July.

Typical of Kyiv censorship, the video proving the Right Sector nazis’ attack on gays has been taken down from youtube, because it damages their support in the west, pics of the attack were saved however, and the video of the attack is still available on Liveleak.

Nazis attacking a gay pub in Kyiv


The fascism in the Ukraine, legalizing itself.

FIRST THEY CAME… from Florian Malak on Vimeo.

10/04/2014 – 23:42  Lugansk (LC) have criminalized homosexuality with a penalty of 2 to 5 years

LC deputies voted for ensuring the rights of residents of the People’s Republic on the protection of their cultural, religious and moral values.

With a view to cause the effective implementation of this initiative, the People’s Assembly Khokhlov, the members of parliament introduced a draft law “on the protection of the Christian traditions of the people of Lugansk region from the harmful effects of hostile states customs, such as the European Union, Canada and the United States.”

“Under this law, relations between citizens of the same sex shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, or correctional labor for a term of two to four years. The same actions committed with the use of physical force, threats, or juvenile, or by using the dependent position of the victim, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding eight years or the death penalty, “- said the pro-Ukrainian journalist Filimonenko.

At the end of the meeting, before the Parliament of the Republic by the representative of the CEC LC, who reported on the successful preparation of the forthcoming elections of deputies to the People’s Assembly.

“The ability to express their will at the election will be all the inhabitants of the People’s Republic of Lugansk, in spite of their current place of residence. For voters, the northern regions of the LC, which are under the control of the armed forces of Ukraine, will be provided the opportunity to cast their vote by mail or online at the CEC LC. Also provides for early voting and voting by absentee ballot. But those who had to leave the territory of our country, and who had taken refuge in the hospitable walls of the Russian Federation, will be given the opportunity to vote in Rostov, Voronezh and Belgorod “- quotes Filimomenko member of the” CEC LC. ”

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