Lost Refugee Cat Seeks Family After Separation in Lesvos


Do you recognize this cat? He is lost. He landed on the north shore of Lesvos Island towards Skala Sykamenia, Greece at the beginning of November with his family but he got scared and ran away. We would like to try and reunite Dias with his family. They brought him very far and likely had to pay to bring them with them on the boat.

The tiny Turkish Van cat is about 3 years old and came over on a rubber boat with a family from Mosul, Iraq. He got away from them after landing on the shore. The family looked with the help of volunteers for several hours but had no luck finding him. They were devastated having to go on to camp without him.

His pure white hair was filled with sand and mats. The local cats weren’t very welcoming, and bullied him whenever he tried to eat.

Compassionate people noticed his struggle and started taking him to safe places so that he could eat away from the rest of the cats. This was how he was able to find his daily meals.

Volunteers named him “Dias” (pronounced Thias, greek for Zeus).

Dias after a bath with new friends Photo: @DiasTheCat

Dias after a bath with new friends
Photo: @DiasTheCat

Finally, Dias rests. Photo: @DiasTheCat

Finally, Dias sleeps.
Photo: @DiasTheCat

It’s been almost 2 months since he landed, so his family is likely somewhere further up the route in Europe somewhere. He’s been to a vet for a health check, vaccines and microchip. He is staying at a recharge house right now in Greece until the next leg of his journey.

Volunteers have arranged for a foster home in Germany until his family can be located. Dias will be arriving in Berlin on January 4, 2016.

In a small way, his journey represents the plight of all who are seeking a better life. If it wasn’t for people taking notice of his vulnerable state and taking him in, Dias would likely be fighting for food and struggling to thrive. By offering him a place to stay and good food, he’s now able to sit by the fire and process what all he’s been through.

He’s sleeping a lot and is very talkative when he’s awake. He didn’t go unnoticed, and will not be forgotten about. In the words of Rick Yancey “One, even the smallest, weakest, most insignificant one, matters.” We can make a difference, one being at a time.

Enjoying some time in the sun in Greece.🌞󾍈 #reunitedias #refugeecat

Posted by Reunite Dias on Friday, December 25, 2015

If you recognize Dias or know who he belongs to, please contact @DiasTheCat on twitter, Reunite Dias on facebook or email reunitedias@gmail.com. Spread the word using hashtag #ReuniteDias so hopefully his owners will see his photos and get in contact.

Here are additional photos via @DiasTheCat

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