Live blog: major protest against #IrishWater #Dec10th



“The Irish people were sold what they though was a dream, but they realized it was a nightmare, and they have awoken. They are slow to move but when they do, there will be no stopping them,. The feeling now is it is the quiet before the storm. Well at the end of the day it is totally up to the people at this stage. The momentum has been building for some time. And I believe it is gone even beyond the issue of water. I have a big concern with the corporations behind all this….the same entities doing the same in other countries”

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Dublin at 10am


barriers for people marching on the Dàil

dali 1 dali 3





14h City gets shut down: 

17h: The People of Ireland has taken control of Dublin



No privatisation lads are going up!


band 2


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