Live Blog: CNTE-SME Mega Marcha – Mexico City


SME and CNTE march to the Monument of the Revolution in Zócalo in rejection of the energy and education reforms.

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Photo: @Rivas_Juan

13:28 CNTE teachers will remain at Zócalo until protesters from the Megamarcha arrive, which begins at 16:00 starting at Ángel de la Independencia. 

13:25 Traffic on Reforma, Insurgentes and Eje Central is reestablished.

12:45 The CNTE leaders ensure that they will return to the Monument of the Revolution at the end of the day.

12:35 Protesters reach Zócalo after 2 hours of marching. Entering the central square.

Photo: @Rivas_Juan

Photo: @Rivas_Juan

12:30 Palma Norte is closed to traffic. The CNTE protesters almost reach Zócalo via 5 de Mayo.

12:10 Traffic is closed on Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas. The protesters take 5 de mayo and arrive closer to Zócalo.

11:50 Metrobús service temporarily suspended at the Hidalgo station, Line 4 while the CNTE protesters cross.

11:40 Protesters march on Juárez to follow the path to Zócalo.

11:37 Alvarado Bridge, Antonio Caso and Insurgentes are the roads most affected by the march.

11:24 Area shops operate as normal despite the mobilization on Paseo de la Reforma.

11:20 CNTE protesters reach Glorieta de Colón, via Paseo de la Reforma. Traffic closures are made gradually.

Photo: @EfektoNoticias

Photo: @EfektoNoticias

11:10 Traffic is controlled on Reforma in the direction of Auditorio Nacional. Drivers are annoyed by the cuts in traffic.

11:00 The contingent of teachers moves on Paseo de la Reforma, at the height of the Senate.

10:55 Traffic is cut off on Paseo de la Reforma, corner of Insurgentes to allow passage of the protesters

Photo: @maspormas

Photo: @maspormas

10:51 CNTE protesters arrive at the Monumento a la Madre, via Insurgentes Centro.

10:50 The Metrobús continues functioning, but changes circulation routes to avoid the protest.

10:48 Traffic is temporarily closed in both directions of Insurgentes between San Cosme and Liverpool to allow the march to cross.

10:42 Streets most affected by protest: Reforma, Insurgentes, Sullivan, Jalapa y Niza.

Photo: @maspormas

Photo: @maspormas

10:38 The main protest marches on Insurgentes Centro. Traffic is closed. Alternate route: Circuito Interior

Photo: @maspormas

Photo: @maspormas

10:30 SME y la CNTE protesters prepare at the Monument of the Revolution to begin the route to Zocalo.

10:20 Protesters leaving from the Monument of the Mother affect Paseo de la Reforma at the height of Sedesol.

10:10 Guild members of SME and CNTE gather at the Monument of the Revolution.

Follow the main route of today’s protest here.

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