Lenexa PD Try & Fail to Justify Deadly Choke Hold in Viral Video (Witness Interview)


The Lenexa, Kansas Police Department got caught for the first time in a long time using excessive force and deadly choking techniques last Thursday, and to say the least they were unhappy about it. A video taken by witness John Sherman went semi-viral on Facebook which shows a black man with his face being shoved into the ground by Lenexa PD, while a female officer employs a controversial and traditionally racist choking technique (the same one that killed Eric Garner).

Lenexa cops and their ministry of propaganda KCTV5 decided to “explain” the situation and provide a different angle of the arrest which you can watch here. Lenexa PD’s video begins at 1:40, and shows the take down from a different angle, but does not actually prove that the suspect punched the cop. Their supposed “proof” of that is a photo they’ve given to KCTV5 to upload of the suspects clenched fist. A photo of a clenched fist is not proof of anything – people may clench their fists because they are under immense stress, athletes do it so they don’t choke during important plays.

Whether the suspect actually punched the cop or not becomes a more trivial matter when you consider the fact that the Lenexa PD, in association with KCTV5, actually uploaded a video of a female officer employing deadly and highly controversial choking techniques on a subdued suspect – all in an attempt to clear themselves of any wrongdoing. In John’s video, you can clearly see her arm wrapped around the suspects neck, as the female officer pulls as hard as she can one way, while the male officer grabs and pulls his legs the other way – all while the suspect is screaming in pain.

Regardless of this supposed punch, the choking and pulling techniques used by the police after the suspect was already subdued were degenerate and wanton techniques. As John told Revolution News in our interview:

Cops are not Judges, it’s not their job to decide he’s not going to breathe, and he couldn’t breathe, that’s for sure.

As if this were not enough, KCTV5’s propaganda video goes on to attempt a character assassination of John Sherman, framing him as a liar and someone who hates all cops. To top it off, they end their propaganda piece showing a video the suspect slamming his own head up against the car  repeatedly as if he were trying to fake injuries. They also try to present it as proof that the suspect was not bleeding from his mouth, but the aerial angle they show doesn’t prove anything of the sort. We’re not going to pretend to know the exact reason he was slamming his head up against the car, but we can imagine it was out of frustration from the insane trauma that had just been inflicted upon him.

Revolution News decided to catch up with John on Friday to get the real scoop, and to conduct an interview with him about how things really went down. It didn’t surprise us one bit to hear that the cops eventually came over and threatened him with jail time for recording them, which is still completely legal in all 50 states (he was taking photos at the time, so there is no video of this incident). See it all below in our exclusive interview with John Sherman.

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