Lawrence, Kansas Declares Oct. 12th Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Scraps Columbus Day



Since September, students from Haskell University in Lawrence, Kansas have been taking initiative and pushing for the city to honor their ancestors by declaring October 12th Indigenous Peoples’ day, just like in Seattle.

Activists say the goal is to celebrate Indigenous peoples day, and that it’s important to highlight the need for survival of the tribal nations that are still in Lawrence. Haskell College houses 151 tribal nations.

Mayor Mike Amyx recognized that the City of Lawrence was built on the homelands of Osage and Kansa people at a City Commission meeting on Tuesday. quoted the mayor: “Indigenous peoples’ intellectual, spiritual, and the deep cultural contribution has enhanced the character of the City of Lawrence.”

The president of the Haskell Indian Nations University’s Student Senate Christopher Sindone said he didn’t think that indigenous people meant much to Lawrence, and said this is a step towards unity. He said “For them to pass something like this, as a city, from being at Haskell, that’s 180 years of resiliency by Native Americans acknowledged.”

He said he feels “euphoric,” and that the change makes Lawrence feel like home to indigenous people, like it used to be.

Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis also celebrate Indigenous peoples’ day (or something similar) in place of Columbus Day on October 12th.


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